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  1. Best label company

    Blue Label FTW (although I will check these others out for my next order).
  2. Corn mash-Improving effeciency

    3.9 or .36?
  3. Ceiling height

    How well do your small continuous stills deal with solids?
  4. Caution using some Ace Roto-mold inductor tanks

    That's the thing I hate too. Can't really ever get them 100% clean. Never really understood the non-draining design. How about these: http://www.thecarycompany.com/330-gallon-voyager-heavy-duty-poly-tote-26bvt5 Anyone use them? Bigger opening to get inside to clean it and the description says it drains well. Does it?
  5. Caution using some Ace Roto-mold inductor tanks

    I have two of these tanks, I have two because one leaked from bottom of the leg seam you mentioned and they sent me another. What I've been doing is spray balling caustic up to 180F. Wouldn't that kill just about anything even if something was lurking in a seam?
  6. Apple Brandy Cuts

    Make sure you compress the foreshots and heads. And actually, much of the flavor that you need for apple brandy comes from late heads.
  7. Apple Brandy Cuts

    I’m distilling some cider as I write. I always found the heads to be tiny compared to the other products I make, however the foreshots are extremely nasty. I ferment everything myself.
  8. Feeding the mill

    Do you use an off the shelf hydrator or one you made? Why do you say that? I'm using a blower now and am thinking to switching and am just curious.
  9. Feeding the mill

    Love it! How are you getting the grain out of the mill? A blower?
  10. Feeding the mill

    Ha! That would certainly work. How much grain do you do per batch and how long does it take?
  11. Feeding the mill

    A slide valve/blast gate had been suggested by a friend, but the concern was that it wouldn't provide enough control of the flow from a gravity hopper to the mill. You find it works for you? The company suggests augering into the mill but that seems unnecessarily expensive and complicated and they can't provide a ready made solution. I want to avoid having this be a hodgepodge of ill fitting parts. Pictures of your setup would be cool. Do you use any grist hydrator?
  12. Feeding the mill

    What sort of systems are people using to feed their mills? I'm looking at switching to a hammermill, and apparently I can't just dump in all the grain at once.
  13. Anyone use a Colorado Mill Equipment (Eco HMS) with auger? I'm considering a purchase and am having trouble visualizing how I will install it. Any chance if you have one you could send me or post some pictures? I have asked them and all they provided me is some standard promotional pictures with the actual installation to real equipment cut out.
  14. Filter for bottling line - dealing with barrel char

    I use the same system you do (with a larger micron filter though), and I suspect you left the bypass open on the top of the filter housing. Even if the filter was filthy, it shouldn't let char through.
  15. After 5 years and Broke

    @MashI know you said no questions, so please don't feel you need to answer, but #11 intrigues me. Unless taxes weren't being paid for spirits removed from bond, $33k seems like a really high number for your operation. I live in fear of screwing something up and not even realizing it until too late. P.S. I've enjoyed reading your story over the past few years. Thank you.