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How would you "distill" what the experience feels like of producing absinthe?

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I am working on a board game where the players are absinthe distillers in Belle Époque Paris. I want to (as much as possible) make playing the players FEEL like they are producing absinthe - however, I have never personally had a chance to witness the process of absinthe production.

So, my question is: if you had to describe the experience of distilling absinthe to someone who has never done it, how would you describe the experience? 

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Well, its pretty dull in real life. First you make your base alcohol, then steep your botanicals and then pot still the results. And, while you are waiting on the still, you are probably cleaning the distillery.

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1) Set up the board game, and start playing

2) For the next 8-12 hours go clean your house, move 50# sacks around, fix your various broken appliances, and measure the density of various liquids and put them into bottles. Occasionally dick around on the internet. 

3) Keep detailed records of everything you do for the Government. If the Government gets angry, it will suspend your game.

4) Occasionally check on the game board. If something goes wrong, it explodes and burns your house down.

5) When the game ends, clean up the gameboard and have a drink.

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