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  1. I also work at a very recently opened micro-DSP in VA. We have fed and state lisences to distill, but like you, we want to operate a Distillery ABC store, and have yet to begin that process. What were the major hurdles with the VA ABC?
  2. You can also try webstaurantstore.com. They sell 5 gal. pails and have a Pennsylvania warehouse, so shipping won't be too bad to MD.
  3. Through a personal connection with the owner, I recently began working at a micro micro- distillery. I have a number of years of experience with brewing beer, but I am new to distilling. I plan to focus first on Rum and Absinthe. I would like to share my experiences as I begin recipe formulation, and it look forward to any and all feedback. I'm quite aware that it sounds somewhere between audacious and naive to think I can just jump into this with no experience and hope to produce a good product, but I'm hoping that with enough research, perseverance, and help from the artisan distilling community, that this will be the case.
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