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  1. Happy New Year, ADI Forum users! Seguin Moreau has been developing a new toasting/charring process unique to our company that is getting rave reviews around the country for bourbon and whiskey production. We have developed a process whereby we toast the barrel first, getting deeper penetration into the staves and extracting a greater quantity of vanillin and other lactones beneficial to spirits aging. We then Char the barrel to the distiller's specifications rendering, at a minimum, double the vanillin and lactone extraction of charring alone. This process is helping distillers get a higher quality, more impactful result for upper echelon bourbon and whiskey products. Please reach out to us to learn more about this barrel production protocol and how we may be able to support your operation! Much obliged, Adam Schulz Seguin Moreau aschulz@seguinmoreau.com https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5ce302f4858d840001a7e524/t/5f871705692993607c0d649c/1602688773439/spirits-product-range.pdf
  2. Hello ADI Members, Washington State is long on some white wines that may be well suited aromatically and price wise to distillation. Please contact adam@incrediblebulkwinecompany.com for info on varietals, pricing, minimums, and samples. Much obliged, Adam Schulz Incredible Bulk Wine Company incrediblebulkwinecompany.com
  3. Mostly red. Some whites available
  4. Hi Gwydion, It is always possible to negotiate, depending on volume. Please email me what you are looking for, and perhaps we can discuss further. adam at incrediblebulkwinecompany dot com Much obliged, Adam
  5. 400+ used wine barrels available with the below pricing breakdowns 25-50 barrels $85/barrel 50-100 barrels $80/barrel 100+ barrels $75/barrel adam@incrediblebulkwinecompany.com
  6. Aromatic bulk white wines from Washington available between $5-8/gallon depending on quantities. incrediblebulkwinecompany.com
  7. We offer Heavy Toast barrel inserts called Oenosticks. http://seguinmoreaunapa.com/products/alternatives/oenostick/ The Heavy toast inserts are $65/set. We also have bourbon stave wood available. 200L barrels, charred to your specs, are $380 apiece. Please contact me at aschulz@seguinmoreau.com if you have any questions.
  8. We have barrels. We are producing bourbon barrels in Napa, CA. Please call 707-252-3408, and ask to be connected with Dan Brick. He is our East Coast sales rep
  9. Seguin Moreau is producing Bourbon Barrels for the Craft Distillery market. We are producing 2 year air dried, wine quality stave wood barrels for $380/barrel We have developed an innovation in cooperage called the U-Stave process. By routering U-Shaped grooves inside of the staves, we can increase the internal surface area of a barrel by 50%. We have had a great deal of success with craft distillers that report increased color and extraction as a result of using these barrels. There is more information on this process here http://seguinmoreaunapa.com/innovation/u-stave/ Please contact me if you have any questions regarding our barrels or production timing. Thank You, Adam Schulz Seguin Moreau 509.240.6833
  10. Seguin Moreau has been making barrels for Cognac longer than they have for the wine industry. We are part of the Oeneo group owned by Remy Martin. We make the finest French Oak barrels for spirits in the world. We can offer the following sizes and prices of barrels, priced in Euros 225L: 690.00 350L 8hoops: 885.00 400L 8 hoops : 995.00 Please contact me if you have any interest. Thank You, Adam Schulz Seguin Moreau 509.240.6833 aschulz@seguinmoreau.com
  11. Seguin Moreau has a used and refurbished 33 hL Armagnac cask available for sale. Please let me know if you have any interest. Thank You, Adam Schulz Seguin Moreau 509.240.6833 aschulz@seguinmoreau.com Used 33 hL Cask.doc
  12. Seguin Moreau has 5 65 hL oak casks used since 2007. The casks are in excellent condition, and would be of great use in a brandy, eau de vie, or even a high end whiskey program. Please contact me, if interested at 509.240.6833 or aschulz@seguin moreau.com Thank You, Adam Schulz Seguin Moreau
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