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  1. What we did is we made a hard plastic attachment for a pneumatic beer crown capper and turned down the air pressure to 20 psi so it wouldn't crack the t-cork tops, its still fairly manual because you have to move the bottles and put the t-corks on the bottle but it saves our hands and it can keep up with our 6 bottle filler. We can bottle roughly 600 bottles an hour with 3 people. The nice thing is the setup only ran us about $700.
  2. A couple more companies you can look at are Scott Labs, and Cellar-Tek.
  3. We use steam to remove most the flavors and color out of our used barrels. If we have a stinky barrel we use Sodium Percarbonate to strip the barrel followed by a citric wash to neutralize the barrel.
  4. Ripley Stainless in Summerland BC makes stainless tanks. But you're probably better off with Criveller since you're in Quebec. The tanks we got from Criveller were well made and well priced but they sourced them out of china. Cansci out of Surrey BC does alot of glassware for your lab supplies.
  5. Hi, can the motor on the mash pump be rewired to 208v?
  6. Hudson bay distillers, Its from the Canadian Food and Drug Regulations. http://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/eng/regulations/C.R.C.,_c._870/page-29.html Page 29-33 has lots of information on the regulations of Spritis, Wine, and Beer.
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