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rum waste


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+1 for each of the above comments..

Yes what is the wastewater/ trade-waste issues for sewer discharge. BOD/COD & even colour is fairly easy to pre-treat with minimal costs.

High % Dunder/ Back-set will certainly assist utilise.

Aerobic treatment & garden bed/ fertiliser application is simple.

What are the specific objections of the County - as frustrating as most of us fine - it is typically to be 3 steps & stay ahead of municipal standards/ requirements.

Any other DSP or Breweries in your location for reference or connect with to chew the fat on such issues faced by others?



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Just to be clear - Does your local county have sufficient capacity at their sewage treatment plant to handle the additional load?  Or are they saying no because they can’t handle it?  Usually,  for the right amount of $$, they'll gladly take it.

Not sure what plant you connect to, but in the grand scheme of things these two treatment plants are fairly small.


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Just to put Fighting Creek plant into perspective - completely theoretical discussion.

100,000 Gallons a day capacity, assuming this is for residential sewerage, meaning an average BOD of 250mg/l and TSS of 250mg/l.

That's handling something like 210 pounds of BOD and 210 pounds of TSS a day. 

Rum Stillage could be as high as 50,000mg/l of BOD and a TSS of 10,000mg/l.

So, lets say you are dumping 250 gallons of rum stillage.  That's 103 pounds of BOD and 20 pounds of TSS hitting the plant in one big slug in a worst-case scenario.

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On 8/29/2018 at 9:24 AM, stillwagon said:

We have a rural location so we treat the spent wash ouselves by aerobic digestion, raise the pH, dilute, then use it to water our forested area.

Stillwagon - care to elaborate a little on this?

What kind of aerobic digester are you using?


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