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Call me crazy, and I may be, but I think I recall reading or hearing something a while back about ginskey becoming a classed spirit vs a speciality spirit or an barrel aged gin. What I recall seeing or hearing was that ginskey would have to be a gin aged two years in new oak. 

Does anyone else recall seeing or hearing this and if so, what is the lowdown? 

Lots of distilleries make some sort of barrel aged gin but only Boulder Spirits makes a Ginskey and they have trademarked the name successfully. 

My question is....What happens if the TTB does classify barrel aged gin as ginskey if produced in a particular way? What will anyone else who makes ginskey be able to call theirs? 


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I don't remember hearing anything about ginskey becoming a class/type. With the new update to the labeling and advertising laws all spirits except for vodka are allowed to have an age statement including gin which was a round about way of allowing aged gin without creating an additional C/T. The new rule also extended the bottled-in-bond labeling rules to gin and since its announcement last summer there have been 3 or 4 gins released as BIB because they were distilled in a single season, aged in new charred oak for at least 4 years, bottled at 50% ABV etc. 

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