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Blending and Bottling Operations


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Hello colleagues,


I am setting up a low profile blending and bottling operations, in existing warehouse building, in the 2500 sq. ft room.  Would you suggest someone who can help me make a list of equipment (water treatment, blending tanks, hoses, pumps, labeling machine. Manual filling machine, ect) and set up a lean plan for this type of operations.


Thank you very much!

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1. Water treatment: Sediment filter, carbon filter, RO system.

2. Blending tanks: Food grade stainless tanks, plastic drums.

3. Hoses: Surplus pharmaceutical hoses. Silicone, teflon. Check a chemical compatibility database.

4. Pimps? Pumps! Air powered double diaphragm pumps. If buying used, check that previous use is not dangerous.

5. Labeling machine? Build your own.

6. Filling machine: Xpressfill.

Several of these answers can vary depending on what you plan to blend and bottle; and the anticipated volume.

Don't forget about cleaning, gauging, and any other requirements specific to your location.

What is your location?

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Forgot the two most important things, forklift and a pallet scale capable of weighing your blend+tank.

Your easiest option for blending tank is a custom metal craft 550g IBC tote, but that might not be large enough to hold a 10 barrel blend (depending on angels share and source/target proofs).  This will fit on a pallet scale, giving you an easy setup.

Keep in mind one big wildcard.  NFPA and the Fire Codes for your area.  10 barrel blend in an open tank will have you well over the MAQs, even in a fully sprinklered building.

This will make being "lean" a bit more tricky.


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I believe I recommended to you earlier that you need a consultant for this project (I was not trying to get myself another job)



You obviously need a consultant for this project



Hopefully this post is your asking for references for a consultant for this project

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Good Morning  MagisterBibendi- Our specialty is the Bottling arena. Please reach out and ask any questions that you would like. We started Cru Bottling Systems in 2017 specifically to help small and medium sized distilleries (and wineries) set up their Bottling in the smartest, most efficient and definitely the most cost effective way possible. All of our Bottling equipment is very easy to own and operate.

All of our equipment is made either in the US or Italy - Nothing from China. We also keep most all of our items in stock. Please check us out at crusystems.com for pricing and videos or reach out to me through direct message or at steve@crusystems.com

We'd be happy to help you get up and running.

Thank you!


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