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Canning line advice/experince


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We're starting to seriously consider our own canning line. I know nothing about them. Any advice/experience you can share? Equipment manufacturers you use? Accessory equipment? We looking at doing both carbonated and still spirits. We would also like to can non-alcoholic beverages.



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Talk to your local breweries.  There may even be a mobile canning option locally for you.

Be prepared to witness ungodly waste.  Your product flowing down the drain... it's part of the process for small canning operations. Our first mobile canning attempt lost about 30% of the product.  We now have our own canning line, but still lose an uncomfortably large amount. 

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I have supplied glycol chillers to distilleries that use the chiller to cold chill product in a CLT  such that it can be canned by a mobile canning company which saves on spillage and such.

You need a glycol chiller to be able to chill the product to near 32F before canning, so if you are using city or well water cooling for your still, it won’t be cold enough to cold chill product.

If you are looking to purchase a canning setup, you would still be looking at adding a CLT and glycol chiller.

If you have any questions, contact me anytime.

Mike Gronski

MG Thermal


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