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Used stills for sale? Tanks as well


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All I can say is wow. First off if you want some help here you probably should do us a favor and describe a little what you're looking for other than I need a still. You do know they range from a couple milliliters to hundreds of thousands of gallons and come in lots of configurations?

Next, know what your talking about or ask, "hey what is that I need more information, and thanks for the lead". Most Christian Carl Stills ARE COPPER.

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I regularly locate and import used and antique stills for people. I have a couple used stills onhand here in Colorado too.

The ADI's Brandy still came from me ... so Bill will give me a reference as well.

Let me know more about your project and we can discuss things.

Oh, and I've got a really nice german still that's about 40 years old (140 Liter copper pot with a nice helmet and a reflux condensor with a port-hole) coming from Europe in about 4 weeks as well.


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