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Quincy Street Distillery

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When we joined the forum and introduced ourselves here over a year ago, we were working on setting up Blue Star Distillery in Michigan. Along the way, we had the opportunity and strong local support to set up Quincy Street Distillery in Riverside, Illinois. We just wanted to announce that Quincy Street Distillery received its DSP basic permit today! Those interested might like to know we used the TTB's electronic submission system Permits Online, submitting our application on December 23, 2011. So it took us just over two months. We appreciate all the assistance and guidance we received from many of the knowledgable staff at the TTB. We hope to have construction and still installation complete in a couple of weeks, and a refreshed web site in April. Meanwhile, you can watch our progress on Facebook. Cheers!

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OK, an update: It took over 6 months, but we today we received our Illinois state manufacturer's craft distiller license. This turned out to be the most challenging of the licenses to obtain, requiring us to have the DSP, first COLAs, identified distributor, physical plant inspection, etc., all completed in order to receive this license. Those in Illinois should take heed, others may find similar challenges with their state license requirements. We also have received our local liquor license. So, we are legal to manufacture spirits at Quincy Street Distillery, and will begin including our Water Tower White Lightning unaged Illinois corn whiskey!

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