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Spiced Rum


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I am working on the formula for a spiced rum. It requires the maceration of several spices. I understand the requirement is that anything added to the rum must be less than 2.5% total, by weight. How do you quantify what is left behind? Do I dry the solids out once removed, and then list the weight difference as that which has been added? This would seem like the only feasible solution. Then, do I include in the formula process how I arrived at that amount or is that necessary? Is it better to give too much information or just the basics? All the spices used are in whole, dried, then crushed, form, macerated individually, then blended.

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Solids are computed by taking a sample, weighing it and distilling off all of the liquid, then weigh it again. This gives you the solids weight of your liquid and this is what needs to meet any listed weight requirement for any spirit. You can do it yourself or send it to a lab and get all kinds of other info as well.

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