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Equipment Purchase for Startup


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I am in the final stages before ordering equipment based around a 50 gallon micro distiller.

I have been working to generate an equipment list and I was wondering if anyone had any guidance about if this looks similar to set ups you have seen or been a part of.

Our list is as follows:

-50 Gallon Hillbilly Still

-Fermentation tanks

-Stainless steel mash kettle with cooling jacket, steam injection, agitator, 3" bottom outlet and recycled cooling water system

-Finished stainless steel tanks with 2" bottom outlets

-55 Gallon Charcoal filter with pumps

-2" transfer pump with hose and quick connect fittings

-Auto bottle filler

-Commercial sized burr grist for grinding grains

-Commercial sized boiler for steam generation

-Charcoal water filter

-Warehouse racking


Any help or guidance you could give me would be much appreciated!

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Off the top of my head:

If proofing by weight, NTEP floor scale

calibrated and certified weight to calibrate scale

calibrated and certified alcohol hydrometers

calibrated and certified gravity hydrometer

calibrated and certified thermometer

If you've got a spare $2.5K, Anton Paar DMA 35

Lab beakers and graduated cylinders

If adding sugar after distillation, a 500ml or 1000ml lab still

About $750-$1,500 worth of sanitary fittings, clamps and hoses

Compressor rated to drive your diaphragm spirit pump

Spirit containers

blending containers

Storage racks, at least 3-4

RO system

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I don't know your business plan, or hopes or goals, or your financials...but if you are going to end up spending 12-13k only a 50 gallon hillbilly still (I'm not knocking them, just simply offering a suggestion), you should contact Trident Stills (www.tridentstills.com) as Jesse does offer financing, and his stills produce a product that is sold on shelves across the US. If you're going to spend some level of money and you want a return on it, don't skimp on the ONE thing that actually makes you money. 5k down gets you a few hundred a month in payments and a top notch still for less than Vendome, Carl, etc.

Also for your equipment list, cleaning equipment (steamer, CIP), barrel racks if you are aging, reactivation chemicals for cleaning the copper, and to save some on the boiler I recommend looking at Weil-Mclain.

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