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whiskey particulate


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I've recently noticed that one of my whiskeys has some particulate matter floating in the bottle. I looked this up and found that it could be considered "normal" based on the idea that some particulate matter may accrue during the aging process etc. However, I am curious how this is perceived in the craft distillery community; whether this is considered acceptable/unacceptable; desirable/undesirable, etc.


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Are you talking about flocc or other particles?

Depends on how much is there. We filter some of that flocculation out with a paper filter but leave some as well. You can raise the proof and keep it in solution.

I had to look up the word "flocculation" but I believe that is what it is. Small white particles, possible "naturally occurring lipids held in suspension". Certainly not anything like the junk in this bottle:


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Also, do you use a de-foaming agent? I know of at least one that leaves residue in the condensor, and comes out in later distillations...

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