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Juniper Varieties - Help Wanted


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I'm doing some research, with the idea to write a short paper, into Juniper varieties such as:

Common Juniper - juniperus communis

Western Juniper - juniperus occidentalis

Sierra Juniper - juniperus occidentalis australis

Utah Juniper - juniperus osteosperma

Rocky Mountain Juniper - juniperus scopulorum

Does anyone use (or know a distiller that uses) a variety of juniper other than communis?

Many thanks,


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On 1/7/2014 at 11:34 AM, Panoscape said:

We use a blend of western and common, mainly due to our location of being in north America's largest western juniper forest. We pick and wash them ourselves.

I heard it's the green one not the blue one they use in the gin , is thios true??

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