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Liquid solid separation


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My systems are all electric, so separation is a must. At the moment, I have a way to separate via a press, but the press requires a hiccup in the process flow while it is filled/pressed/emptied. I would love to have a Russell Finex machine, but 20k (as I hear they cost) is not a doable number right now.

I know Dehner started a thread about a version of this that he is designing, but does anyone know of a secondary market for equipment like this? Are there any other manufacturers making something like this for a lower price?

Alternatively, for those unable to distill on grain, how are you separating solids from your wash?

Any input appreciated.


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We run on electric elements too, so no solids or even yeast can be in the wash when put into the still. We first fine with sparkaloid and crash it with about ten 1 gallon frozen water jugs. We let it sit overnight and by morning it's pretty clear. We rack the wash through a 20" plate filter using course pads and then rack again using fine pads. This pulls out all the yeast and makes for a super clean wash.

BTW, we use a mash tun so we don't ferment on grain.

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I'm having the same issue at my place, we started using corn meal and ferment on grain...dear god what a dilemma

We have a steam jacket so complete separation isn't critical or even necessary, I just prefer more "liquid" in the still rather than total grain.

I'm thinking of some type of " plunge screen " attached to our pump, I've seen it before but to work with corn meal, we shall see.

Panoscape sounds like he is getting a very clean wash, also cold crash is a great idea,

Wineries as well as breweries use cold to drop solids out

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We cold cook, so removing solids after mashing is not a real option for us. The cold crashing should help. These days the temp rarely gets above zero so freezing ice blocks is no problem. I have considered some type of screen that could lift the solids and let them drain back into the vessel overnight (we use 275 gal IBCs), but I haven't yet thought up a set up that wouldn't rip the screens apart when it tried to support hundreds of lbs of wet corn nor do I know where to get a screen that big.

NEPA: interested to hear how your screen set up works out

Panoscape: where did you get your plate filter?

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You can get a 20" plate filter with pump from most B2B wine or beer supply stores, I think GW Kent has them. We got a hand-me-down so we didn't have to hunt for it.

You might look at perforated stainless steel plate and weld up an open top box that you can insert and then lift out. Build it with a SS frame to support the weight. You'll have to rig up some type of pully/crank to get it up out of the tote. Here's a link for the plate.

Best of luck.

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