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Calling all new New Jersey distillers

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Hello out there! Calling all New Jersey craft distillers who are interested or are currently in-process of gearing up (or the two that are already running!). We know you are out there, we've heard rumors about you, or perhaps you've heard rumors about us. I'd like to get us all together to discuss organizing and forming a state craft distillers guild. As far as I know, and based on the in-state folks I've talked to, nobody has yet started this process.

God knows we will all be stronger working together.

For those who haven't heard of us - we are Silk City Distillers - we're working as quickly as possible to get up and running, and our timelines have us operational in 2014. Our home is in the Paterson, NJ vicinity.

For those who are already underway, I'm sure you've come across road blocks similar to the kinds we have - building/zoning/fire inspection departments that have no idea how to handle a craft distillery, in some cases complete confusion, in other cases townships not even willing to talk. Our hope is that we can leverage our own collective energy to further the craft within the state. I'm sure most of you would rather work collectively with the legislature, where necessary, than blow all your capital on NJ lawyers!

And for those not in NJ - as of December 1st, 2013 - NJ's Craft Distilling law is active - you can find more information here:



Oh - I suppose this counts as my first "Welcome" post as well! So big thanks go out to the folks on this forum that have spent time working and talking with us, all greatly appreciated!

Feel free to reach out to me - james@silkcitydistillers.com or reply here.

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Welcome James!

We will be opening up a sister distillery in the Jersey Shore area sometime mid 2015!

I would love to discuss the formation of a guild as the one I am a part of in NC has been extremely helpful.

Please feel free to give me a shout on my cell (910) 443 2603 or reach me via email ryan@wilmingtonwhiskey.com

Our website www.shoredistiling.com should be up and running in the next few months.

Welcome aboard and GOOD LUCK!!

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Nope, not us! We are shooting for somewhere in Southeastern Monmouth County. Our family is looking for some land in Howell to build a new home on so I would like it to be somewhere close. In a perfect world, I could subdivide the land and sell it to back to the business and I could work from home :)

I should be around this weekend, feel free to give me a shout!


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