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Marketing Myths for Craft Distilleries


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Hey all,

First of all, we want to THANK YOU! This forum was incredibly supportive of the "Craft Distilling Super Survey" we recently published. We got more responses from this forum than any other on-line resource! We also made great new contacts/friends with distillers across the country! We are grateful!

Please feel free to contact us if you want to talk about the results to any specific question in the survey. It is easiest to reach us via email at happyhour@fuelevents.net.

In the meantime, on Monday (February 24, 2014) our company, Fuel NW, is going to begin publishing a 5-part blog about common marketing myths in our industry. You can explore the blog here: http://www.fuelevents.net/#!fuel-blog/c22sz or watch our twitter/facebook posts to find out when new posts are released.

We are a small marketing firm based out of Portland, Oregon with a strong focus on Craft Distilling. If you want to hear more about our credentials, check us out here: http://www.fuelevents.net/#!about-us/c12q7

Thanks again, ADI Forums, for your amazing support of our new venture!


Jen & Erika, Fuel NW

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