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Electric Mash Tun 300-600G


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Since we are debating going all electric (haven't decided yet), we are looking for a good new or used electrically heated mash tun. We use heavy grains including rye so we would need an electrically powered water or preferably oil bath to heat the mash.


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I don't know exact KW, we are just looking for an electric set up that would permit us to run mash and distill. We are tentatively considering runnning a 250G stripper, 60G spirit still and 400-600G mash tun.

The thinking is we can save some $ up front by avoiding a boiler but perphaps thats not wise. We were looking at bain marie stilling options and electtric mashing to avoid the expense and complications of a gas boiler.

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Hey CountSeat,

Like I've said before we are in the same boat at my place. We are just going electric, I've been in touch with Paul at Affordable Distillery Equipment.


Very Very helpful guy and takes the time to answer all your questions.

I might be calling you Joe to see what you guys are offering as well.

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we build stills and mash tuns with electric heat up to 150 gallons, there is a practical limit to electrical heat. it is possible to go bigger but its much more hassle than its worth.

if you want to go that big, invest in a steam boiler, it will save you time energy and a whole lot of headaches.

if you have a good reason to stay all electric, then an electric steam boiler is what you want.

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Don't forget about the cost necessary to upgrade the electrical service if you don't already have 480v 3 phase, suspect this might be equal or more than the boiler install costs. Don't even try those volumes with 240v 3 phase service.

Also, don't forget about the cost of the heat transfer fluid, even if you could get by with only a single 55g drum, I suspect the good stuff would cost you about $1,500 delivered. A 600g tun would probably need more than 55g (it's too early to do the math). Suspect that it'd have a finite life if being pushed hard enough, making it an pretty expensive consumable. Don't forget about the disposal costs as well.

Every once in a while there will be a screaming good deal on a good condition Sussman electric boiler on eBay, keep in mind that at scale, you'll probably be pushed right back into the 480v/3ph. Consider yourself lucky if the previous tenant made the investment in power.

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Jamesbendar- you are very close on the cost of the heat transfer oil. The Mobil product I use is $1750 a 55 gal drum and If I was going to sell it I would have to mark it up. O, and it has a flash point of 600 degrees. You never have to replace it.

I just quoted a company $8800 for a 280 gallon ($32/ gallon) steam jacketed mash cooker. It can handle 250 psi at 400 degrees, our jackets are super heavy duty.

One thing I have heard of people doing is have a ele heat source ( like a power pack) that heats up the oil and pumps it with a hydraulic pump. It is open so there is no pressure. This way you could run a still and a mash cooker off one power unit using the steam jacket backwards.

Just an idea.

Questions please call 515-559-4879

Take care.


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