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Rhum Agricole and Cane Juice Spoilage


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Does anyone know the shelf life of fresh cane juice? I live within 7.5 hrs from a sugar mill that I can source the cane juice from. Is this going to give me enough time to pitch it before spontaneous fermentation ruins it?

Also, for those producing agricole method, do you use unclarified or clarified juice? The mill told me the unclarified juice will have a lot of mud in it ( i guess from the harvesting technique) and will give it a very earthy flavor.

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Ruins? I'd argue some of the best cane juice rums are fermented spontaneously.

If wild fermentation starts, don't worry - add your domesticated strain in sufficient quantities and you will have a solid fermentation. You may want to acidify the juice slightly using malic or tartaric acid.

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Can't comment on how shelf life prior to wild fermentation, but... if you are driving out there to pick it up, just bring a slug of yeast with you and pitch it into juice. Should be bubbling away nicely by the time you get it back to your place.

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Unless you dehydrate it...we produce sugar cane juice or panela. Please see the attached photo. It is nothing like non-GMO sugar or molasses for those that have tried it. We are family-owed and have distribution on both coasts and the Midwest. Please contact me at:



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCCuRYLYfBY For a documentary video

Close up.JPG

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IK it's an old post but figured I should answer for the others..

No, the juice will not be ruined.  I've had good luck with both wild fermentations and pitched yeasts.  Worst case you could bring a packet of yeast with you, just take your SG or brix reading before you leave the factory.  

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