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Rum stillage

Lassiter Distilling Co

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We are experimenting with it as an herbicide. The EPA here granted a permit for experimenting with it for this purpose. I am also building a system to recycle the water from the spent wash. It has a series of components that it runs through similar to a "Living Machine."

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I have been doing this for ten years now: Aeration and pH adjustment using calcium hydroxide.  We balance to about 6.8.  continue aeration and adjustment for a week or tow in the summer, several weeks in the winter.  bacterial activity slows down when it is cooler.  once pH stabilizes, then we pump 1/3 of that tank, (we call it the "treatment tank",) to the "dilution tank," where we add water to fill the tank 2:1.  Then pH usually starts dropping again.  We continue to monitor and balance pH until it is stable for at least a week, then water our forest area.  Here you could make a deal with a farmer that would want to use it.  They will need to balance their "fertilizer" with nitrogen and any other minerals etc to accommodate the crop needs.


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