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Hello all,

I am overseeing construction of a distillation facility at this time, I work for a much larger bottling company (in the Midwest). We are looking for a consultant for TTB Filing to come in and answer questions for us about filing issues we are having at our current facility, as well as help setting up our filing protocol for the new distillery.

Has any one here ever used a consultant for TTB filing before?

Can anyone recommend people/resources they think would e beneficial for us here?b

Thanks a ton.


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Dave Dunbar is your guy. We used him, and will continue to use him, and have only positive things to say. From initial filing, which he had us through in record time to ongoing consulting, opinion, and Q&A. Dave's a regular contributor here, and as far as I'm concerned, is the go-to-guy for all TTB related matters. I wouldn't use anyone else. His time has been one of our best investments, by far.

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