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Barrel racks. Cost and need?? Stainless steel??

Dehner Distillery

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I am looking to find out some info on barrel racks and what kind of market there is for them.

What is the cost most people pay for a barrel rack? is it steel or stainless?

Would you pay a little more for stainless steel barrel rack?

How many do you buy a year? or have bought?

Thanks in advance!

Joseph D.

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I have purchased used 2 Barrel Racks @ $40 each and new @ $99 each. for steel, not stainless.

I have never seen stainless ones and would not see a need for them.

We are a small shop and have probably purchased about 30 of them.

At this point we are looking at building larger wood racks and are hoping we do not need to purchase any more of these steel ones.

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I've done some research recently on what it would take to get racks.

For powder coated steel (no need for stainless, much more expensive) you're looking at about $20-25 per barrel. So if you're buying the standard two barrel setup you're looking at about $40-50 per rack.

I also found if you build your own wooden racks from 4x4 you're looking at about $10-15 per barrel plus a lot of labor if you do it yourself. It's well worth it for smaller barrels that have high turn over from shorter aging windows.

We are doing just that: wooden barrel racks for <30G sized barrels and steel barrel racks for 30 and 53G sizes which are much more difficult to handle without the racks which are forklift-able.

As to how many to buy: whats your barreling plans? What size barrels are you using? How much space do you have? How many barrels are you putting down a month? I would try to buy at least quarterly to save on shipping. If you're putting 4 large barrels a month, buy 6-10 double racks a quarter.

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+1 on what the folks from Honeoye said. If you want to sell (mild) steel racks to this industry, racks made for smaller barrels <30 gallons is ideal. If you make them pallet jackable, even better.

We have a carpenter in our shop, so wooden ones for the smaller racks is easy and cheap for us. Making them liftable with a pallet jack was the experimental part that took some time. Also, we can make them semi modular for different sizes.

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I'd be interested.

Anyone have a source on where to find used ones for a good price, or some search terms to exclude the wine bottle racks on ebay? I need a few and have been too lazy to build them out of wood.

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I would consider getting used industrial racking and lay rails down them for barrel racking. I built mine for 15 and 30 gallon barrels and have been using the steel racks for others, but I think going forward for a barrel rack house I would get used industrial. I see some sag in my racking on the 30 gallon racks where the bolts I used to hold it together are bowing under the weight. Just my 2 cents of course.

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