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MSDS for Ethanol 85% Concentration

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Hey everyone - still working on our building issues. We've been asked to provide an MSDS for ethanol at 85% concentration. I've searched and searched, but the best I can come up with is one for E85 fuel (not relevant, obviously) and on this forum I've found one for ethanol/water at 70% ethanol concentration. 

Any advice where to find an MSDS for 85% concentration? 

Thanks for your help.

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Just FYI... i think the GHS (global harmonized system) is moving to SDS as opposed to MSDS. unless i was just told that to sell me the service of printing shipping labels and DOT stickers.

This is what we've been using, a google search might turn up something useful: CAS-NO. 64-17-5

Also for the record, Beverage alcohol is UN3065, as opposed to UN1170 which is 190+


SYNONYMS, TRADE NAMES Ethyl Alcohol, Ethanol 50-90%
APPLICATION Beverage Alcohol

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