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Continuous Still Video by Red Boot

Dehner Distillery

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Please check out the video Via YouTube. I just completed the continuous still install at Old Glory Distilling Company in Clarksville, TN. If you get a chance please stop by. Only 40 Min north of Nashville! 

Let me know what you think of the video. 

Take care!!


Joseph Dehner









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Shell in tube.

Thick. How thick is thick? We were running 2.5lb grain per gallon with no problem.

I am glad to see people liked the video. I really have fun making these kind of videos.

I started a youtube channel where I will be showing several tips and tricks to help new distillers. 

Dehner Distillery is the you tube channel name.

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Well we built this unit for Old Glory Distilling Company in Clarksville, TN. So if any you is in Nashville for the big event please stop by and check them out.

1. CaptnKB- Right now they are putting whole stillage in totes and letting it settle out and draining the water off of it.

2. I personally have been working on a economically grain separator. Two totally different units, one with no moving parts and another with a minimal amount of moving parts. I am trying to build some units the normal distillery can afford. Like everyone else my problem is finding the time to finish the work. :)

Thank you for all the great comments!!



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We are looking to be the power house of "continuous stills". We have a couple new builds starting up now.

We just completed the engineering design of a 17 GPM unit w/ preheat using only 1500lbs of steam, 43.5HP boiler.

Also, we are designing a single pass unit that will take the cuts for you at a fraction of the price of competition.

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