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So I have a question that's probably ridiculous but I'll ask anyways. Do you guys sweep your floors?  Now before I'm castrated hear me out. I'm setting up shop in Peru.  Which quite possibly is the dustiest place on earth. Now currently we are winding down construction. So yes there is significantly more dirt than is usual. But as I dust i am wearing a dust mask because if I didn't I would be coughing. 

Now to my question, as I try not to Gag in the cloud of dust, I am cringing at the thought of the amount of possible contaminants and bacteria I'm putting in the air that could and will in the future get in my fermenters. (Closes top fermenters, which I chose knowing Peru is dusty, but still it will get in)

So I ask again, do you guys sweep the floor?  I'm wondering if mopping twice is a better idea.  Please let me know what you guys do and think.

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6 hours ago, 3d0g said:

Floor drains, garden hose and a sprayer. DONE!

If your floor drains don't act as little islands in the puddle of water on the floor *laughs*, *cries*.

(thankfully I didn't pay for mine, they were installed by the previous tenant so it's hard to complain about free floor drains)

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Thanks guys!  All your ideas sound way smarter than my way. I'll have to think about what we'll do.  Comparable to other Distilleries our space is tiny so a vacuum with a hepa filter and a mop may be my best option. Our drainage sucks we only have one. Problem is the main drain is only two inches under the floor so no way to get a proper slope to drain the water.  So I'm thinking to do it proper I would need to dig and drain to a sump and pump to the main water discharge. Big pain in da butt. 

While we are on the topic of air and airborne contaminants.

What do you guys do for ventilation?  Again my concern is a standard industrial fan in the ceiling will let a lot of dust in especially if it's not running like at night or something. I was thinking the ones that have dampers that close if the fans not running. But again we have crazy dust down here it would open me up to a huge dust source. 

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Woodworker's generally produce a lot of dust in their workshops and they use dust collectors as well as air filtration systems in their shops. They vary in price greatly. Here is a link to woodcraft.com which is one of many woodworking suppliers.


You may also want to contact some woodworking shops in Peru to see how they deal with wood dust, which should be similar to regular dust.

Hope this helps.

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