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Distillery Explosion


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Not at this time.  Additional information is expected from the Fire Marshall in about a week.  I'll post an update when I find out.

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Here is the latest on the Wolf Creek distillery explosion and fire.  Andy Troutman emailed me this morning to let me know that the fire marshal believes the fire was caused by a gas leak from a water heater or possibly a furnace.  We sold Andy his Pro Series Vodka still in 2014 and he has been running it since then with no issues.   The still was on but had not came up to operating temp when the explosion occurred.  We build very safe equipment.  The still had nothing to do with the explosion and or fire. 

Here is a link to the latest news report from a few days ago:  http://www.ohio.com/business/i-feel-very-fortunate-to-be-here-says-owner-of-copley-winery-rocked-by-explosion-1.771621#

Below is a pic of the still.  It looks like the Vodka Column was knocked down when the upper level collapsed.  I'm just really glad no one was hurt.  It sounds like Andy came close.


Troutman still after fire.jpg

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Unfortunately, I don't think that I can do anything with that still. With the kind of heat that it must have been exposed to from the ethanol fire, the metal is probably ruined.  Because of the heat, the stainless may have lost it's rust resistant properties and or it has become brittle.  The copper may have become brittle as well.  I would never trust it as a steam fired still again.   It may not be as bad as I think and could be rebuilt as a baine marie still, but I would only do that if the gaskets are not melted in the column or boiler.  If it has melted the gaskets out of the connections, then it got to hot in my opinion and I would not take the risk of even turning it into an electric bain marie.  I think it would be a great yard ornament for a distillery, or a conversation piece, or the column could go into a bar as a piece of steam punk artwork















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