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Manway gasket material for stills - silicone or EPDM


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  I wanted to know what gaskets people are using for stills and for tanks storing high proof alcohol (Vatting tanks, spirits receivers) ?

EPDM or Silicone ? We are planning to use PTFE for TC fittings, but can't find any PTFE for manway gaskets.


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  So your recommendation would be silicone over EPDM for stills. I looked for manway gaskets on your website but couldn't find any

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12 hours ago, indyspirits said:

I find teflon seal a bit unforgiving (read: stiff). We use silicone exclusively.

Do you have a source for the Teflon gaskets. I have been looking online but can't find any for manways

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They are not listed on our web site.  You will need to email or call 417-778-6100. If you call, ask for Kathy or Susan and one of them will help you with the gaskets.  I don't necessarily recommend silicone over EPDM, but the silicone ones are what we have right now..  We have tri clamp gaskets in teflon up to 12".  Indyspirits is correct.  Teflon is really hard and its very tough to get it to seal.

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