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enough is enough: what a load of hot water


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I'm replacing my 3 phase on demand hot water heater because I only have single phase now.

My 3 phase is a beast, Eemax EX240T2T would heat the water to extreme temperatures.  Actually could get steam by mistake if I cranked it.

The single phase heaters I'm looking at either heat up to 140F adjustable or from 140F to 180F adjustable.  

My question is, has anyone seen a need to have your water hotter than 140F?  


fyi, the 3 phase heater is for sale now.

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We have the same "issue" with our steam-fed tube-in-shell water heater.  With no other steam load it's easy to make 200f water - this goes right to the mash tun.  But I wanted to use it for the wash down hose station as well.  Have a way to do a quick sanitization of the floor with hot water.  Building inspector shut that down, even though FDA and USDA have protocol for it.  He thought it way too dangerous, even though it's a tempered wash down station (160-180 or something at the top end).  I wasn't about to fight a battle.

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On 11/22/2017 at 7:16 PM, Silk City Distillers said:

 With no other steam load it's easy to make 200f water

I want one of those!!   Our boiler (2M BTU Columbia) has a hot water option but it's not enabled /plumbed. Better call our steam fitter...

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