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Can we do something about the spammers?


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In that case the reports don't work, from the moment Foreshot posted the message above I've used the "Report post" button on every new piece of spam I found. Haven't counted them but I think at least five.

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So I discovered that with one of the forum updates I performed on the back end changed some of my notification settings so I wasn't getting emailed about reported posts. I will fix this so that I can respond quicker.

Also, if in the future you don't get a response you can always send a support request. 

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22 minutes ago, indyspirits said:

How about granting some of the old timers around here authority to remove these posts? Seems that there are a lot of folks here on a more regular basis that ADI staff. Just my tuppence.

@indyspirits I'll look into the logistics of this and talk to ADI Team about this.

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