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2 Used Chillers

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We have two chillers for sale. One Trane 20 HP and one McQuay 25 HP. Both chillers were in excellent working condition when they were decommissioned, we just upgraded to one central chiller. Units are sold as-is. Buyer is responsible for pick-up or arranging shipping. Located 30 minutes north of Madison, WI.  Both units are set to run at around 38 to 40 degrees.

Trane - $8,000


McQuay - $6,000




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Unfortunately I don't have a lot of information other than what is in the pictures, they were purchased before my time. I can tell you that we were using them for wine fermentation, and together they handled all of our fermentation and crash cooling of over 200,000 gallons of wine in September and October every year. We never ran into chilling capacity issues and we did not operate them with a buffer tank.


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Chilling fermenters for wine is so much different than distillery loads, of which a small part is the fermenter load.

The mash cooking or stripping loads are the largest and would need over triple the size to satisfy the cooling without a reservoir, if the heat didn't burn up the refrigeration compressors first.

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