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Food in tasting room

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There is a rub in my State.

I can sell or give away packaged food, but if I have to refrigerate, heat or prepare it in any way I have a new set of regulations and permit needed.

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Our tasting room is classified as a bar, as such are considered Illinois class 1 food, which is lowest level. We can not prepare food, although we can prepare cocktails (go figure). Food must be prepackaged. We provide popcorn for free. Since we are using microwave popcorn, and provide a single package serving to a customer, our inspector allows that as prepackaged. We also sell cello-packed corn nuts (those Peruvian big corn kernels). We are thinking of adding a few more cello-packed items. We do a brunch bloody mary that stacks a bunch of edibles on a skewer in the cocktail. Since that is part of the cocktail's garnish, it is not food prep.


Keep in mind the rules you will have to observe depend on your state requirements, county requirements, and local municipality.

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We "serve" (as required by law)

  • Hot Soup (Packets of Ramen with *FREE* hot water)
  • Hot Sandwiches (frozen pizza and hot pockets)
  • Coffee (instant)
  • Milk (from powder)
  • Soft Drinks (we really have this)
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