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Rye flakes entering lines when distilling.


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Hello all,

I've been happily distilling on grain for a year now on a 500 gallon vendome +agitator, 4-plate (bubblecap) column +deph, and condenser without much issue. Typical procedure is to run once through our column at low steam (finished) or occasionally stripping straight through the condenser at high steam (low wines). Yesterday was the first time I've had a 100% rye mash for distillation (2:1 grain:water); my thought was to make it in the spirit of old pot still distillations; stripping through condenser to low wines then running once through the column with trays open only using the deph to compress heads and tails. Not only did I get my low wines but now my lines have what I assume are flakes of rye throughout. Is this a common issue with rye mash distillations? My next thought was to cip and then run the low and slow method through the column to finish but I don't want to deposit a load of rye inside there. I would be very thankful for any advice from others whom make rye whiskey.

Thank You

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33 minutes ago, Silk City Distillers said:

100% Rye?  It will foam and puke like no other.  Sounds like a potential puke.  You'll want to give the still a good cleaning before the finish run.

Yes, 100% rye (15% being rye malt). Puking is what I was leery about but the foam inside the pot was minimal; there was a small foam cap but it was below the manifold. I let it rest during mash with a beta glucanase and added Fermcap to minimize foaming. Can it puke without exhibiting much foam?

My thought was on rye drying on the side of the pot as the level decreased and being carried up by the vapor when dried. It wasn't mash coming up, just little golden flakes. I found it odd.

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Just keep in mind that rye malt is not rye, for labeling purposes. Fermcap is good for beer fermentation anti-foam, but may not be good enough for distillation. We use Magrabar, which works well for our all malt-rye on-grain distillations.

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