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Blue tint

Hollow Spirits

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Thank you everyone for your responses.   It was actually a mistake that we made here at ground level.   We were using a tube that was not rated to handle 190 proof alcohol.   We were getting traces of the rubber in the alcohol and that was leaving the blue tint.    Make sure everything you're using is rated for high proof alcohols..  Thank you for your help!!

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On 5/14/2018 at 10:40 PM, Hollow Spirits said:

We bought 100% wheat NGS and diluted it down to 80 proof with some RO water.   We ended up getting a slightly blue color when we proofed it down.   Does anyone know what might cause this?

What kind of vessel is this sitting in? White poly tanks can play tricks on you refracting light differently making it appear blue. If you see blue specs that is Verdigris which is formed during distillation when a patina forms on copper due to oxidation.

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