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Thermocouple - Wifi Data-Logger

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I am working with Rick Wisner.  I have not purchased anything yet, but am very close.  He has made time for me and explained everything in detail what he can and can not do.  I would send him an email to set up a phone call.  Again, I have not purchased anything from him yet, but he at least appears to know what he is talking about.  


Ricks email:  rick@wisnercontrols.com

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If you are interested in not causing an explosion you may want to look into an intrinsically safe barrier.

https://www.pepperl-fuchs.com/usa/en/classid_22.htm?view=productdetails&prodid=30689  Manufacturers page.

https://www.wolfautomation.com/index.php/catalog/product/view/id/32446/s/voltage-repeater/?gclid=CjwKCAjwiurXBRAnEiwAk2GFZudmNNDfYLC6DhyAkmzMskXA1wp-1uWuCXYawqpFfDm93KyGKO1iIRoC4AoQAvD_BwE    Possible source.

Remeber 5 feet out from any part of your still and 3 feet off the ground at a minimum is considered a hazardous location.

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