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  2. Sold to a great guy in the MidWest. Happy Distilling everyone.
  3. InsuranceMan 2.0

    I'm new!

    Welcome to the forums!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Greetings everyone! I'm stoked to be a part of the forums. I'm just in the early stages of beginning my distilling journey. I've been in the craft beverage industry for a few years and going to be transitioning to opening my own space in the future. I've been lurking for months, reading and learning and thinking through ideas. Working on business plan and making plans to go to ADI next year and meet with people face to face. I have ideas of ways that I want to enter the market, what products I want to produce, and how to best invest my time and money. I'm keeping things underwraps until the lawyers get involved and trademark is established so apologies on the vague handle but I didn't want to jump the gun too soon but I also wanted to be a part of conversations, so this was my compromise. I look forward to interacting and contacting folks.
  5. MichaelAtTCW

    Distillery Hoses

    Brewline has a chlorobutyl liner. Generally we recommend chlorobutyl for up to about 50% ABV, after which UPE (like on GlideTech Distillery) exhibits superior resistance over the long term. The other thing our customers like about Glidetech Distillery relative to Continental hoses is the "channels". Continental's hoses are flat are flat on the exterior, which lets liquids pool and gather on the ground if the hose is blocking the flow to your drain. Glidetech has ridges so liquids can flow past to your drain. And, of course, the smooth exterior cover that makes it easy to drag (hence the "glide" in GlideTech)
  6. In this week’s eNews: September 19, 2018 https://conta.cc/2D9xU1Z Distilling Research Grant Auction 2018 launched; Virginia is an alcohol-control state: friendlier to its distillers or are Virginia's spirits laws stifling a craft distilling revolution?; Whiskey fuels growth in Iowa; Grand Rapids venues not to miss during Michigan's ArtPrize; Interview with Paul Case of Kolani Distillers; Blackwater Distilling Redesign - Case Study; new releases, events, awards and more!
  7. Corsair Distillery is looking to hire a full time Packaging Technician. This is an hourly, entry level position. Health benefits are available after 90 days of full time employment. Core Responsibilities • Assist with operating the bottling line including filling, labeling and packaging • Assist with order fulfillment, quality control and inventory management of packaging supplies • Assist with barrel filling, decanting and bulk spirit transfers • Warehousing, including loading and unloading shipments inbound and outbound • Utility production work: cleaning parts, floors, tanks, pumps, hoses as instructed • Basic record keeping Minimum Qualifications • Previous experience in a brewery, distillery or other industrial environment preferred but not mandatory • Basic knowledge of safety precautions and practices • Ability to follow Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) • Self motivation and a strong ability to multi-task • A passion for craft spirits, with a dedication to our core values and beliefs • Forklift experience and training preferred Physical Requirements: • Ability to lift 60 pounds and move 170 pounds safely • Ability to work in a wet environment with humidity and steam ranging from hot to cold temperatures • Ability to bend, twist, kneel, climb stairs often • Manual dexterity • Endurance to work long shifts when needed Please submit all resumes to adrian@corsairartisan.com
  8. Catskills Convert

    I'm new!

    Thanks MG Thermal Consulting, will absolutely keep you in mind as we move forward.
  9. MG Thermal Consulting

    I'm new!

    Welcome and if you need any help on you cooling system, give me a shout! I have some cooling systems installed over by Waterbury, CT and over in Lancaster, PA if you're taking a drive this Fall to see the trees go to wine tastings;) Good Luck!
  10. Catskills Convert

    I'm new!

    Hi Everyone - I’m new here so I wanted to quickly introduce myself. I live and work in NYC (in advertising), but spend a lot of time in the Catskill Mountains where I have the space to potentially pursue distilling in the future. I’m not ready to quit my day job just yet, but I’m joining the ADI community as a way to start exploring the world of craft distilling and see if it’s something that I want to seriously pursue down the road. I’ll be doing a lot of reading and listening at first, as many of the questions I want to ask have already been answered somewhere in the forum. It's clear that there's a wealth of knowledge and experience here. I appreciate your patience as I do venture into different topics within the forum, and look forward to interacting with many of you on this site, at a conference, or at your local distillery. —JS
  11. Stumpy's

    BOTTLES 750ml & 1 Liter $0.15/bottle

    Sent you a PM. Do you still have these?
  12. bluestar

    BOTTLES 750ml & 1 Liter $0.15/bottle

    Are you sure that is not listed backwards? If the 1 liter bottle is larger and heavier than the 750ml bottle (I would suspect), then I would expect 1) more cases of 750ml per pallet, and 2) 1 liter case to weigh more than 750 ml (12.69 versus 10.19 lbs).
  13. bluestar

    TTB stopped our production due to high proof

    Most of the difference has to do with temperature control, equilibration, and correction. This is especially true for the handheld units, which have no temperature control. The quartz oscillation tube measurement itself can be done to very high accuracy even with an inexpensive handheld unit. But you have to have the temperature fixed in the device and measured accurately, as well, and then calibrate the whole thing.
  14. DistillerMichael

    Russel Finex for Sale

    Why is this still pending review for over a week?
  15. sandytoes

    Distillery Hoses

    I ended up getting the Continental Brewline for 10.30 a foot.
  16. Country Connection

    2 and 4 Barrel Racks

    Used 4- barrel racks available for $70/ea. Used 2- barrel racks available for $55/ea. All of our used racks are in great working condition with no bending or metal fatigue and minimal surface rust Country Connection is receiving truck load quantities of Once Used Bourbon Barrels straight from the distillery. - Price - $120/ea - Minimum order is 4 barrels. Jessica Holliday Country Connection 530.589.1507 Jessica@countryconnection.biz
  17. indyspirits

    Distillery Hoses

    Just scored another, albeit smaller, Yamada AODD for high proof transfer. About to pull the trigger on the glidetech. A bit painful at $20 / foot but Ive only heard great things about it.
  18. Southernhighlander

    Anyone have experience w/ Affordable Distillery Equipment LLC??

    Below is one of our new signature series stills in the Ultra Pro Whiskey configuration.
  19. JustAndy

    Oregon Oak barrels 30 gallon

    The important distinction is that MN oak, similar to Kentucky, MO, MI, and etc oak are all more or less the same species of tree just grown in different locations. Oregon Oak (quercus garryanna) is a different species with different properties. It has to be split and quartersawn like french oak, which reduces the yield per tree considerably and it also needs 3-5 years air drying to get a stave that's useable (compared to 6-18 months for a typical whiskey barrel). There also isn't very much oregon oak to be had, compared to the entire industries and forests devoted to white american oak. I've used oregon oak at a couple of different distilleries and it has some unique flavor contributions that are distinct from french oak. Whether that's worth an extra 400-600$ per barrel I think depends on how strong your marketing department is.
  20. RBDistiller

    Bulk Cabernet Franc Port Style wine for sale

    Sounds good, send me an email, Robbie.Scudder@moerschhg.com when you want to get together.
  21. Rhody-O

    Get your Federal Permit? How long did it take?

    21 Days for us at Rhode Island Spirits (Pawtucket). Knock me over with feather. We did it ourselves, too. Sent Aug 30, 2018, received Sept 19, 2018
  22. needmorstuff

    UK Botanical suppliers

    thanks for the reply 😀
  23. Sator Square Distillery

    Oregon Oak barrels 30 gallon

    $800 looks very expensive to me. I got MN oak 30 gallons in the mid $200 range. For that price I agree I'd probably go for french oak.
  24. Odin

    What ever happened to iStill?

    Today we will be shipping another iStill 2000 to Japan. The unit has our new indirect heating system as well as Dynamic Cuts Management, for total control over cuts. It will be used for Japanese whisky production. Here is a picture of the i2000 sitting on its pallet. Ready for pick-up and crating. Regards, Odin.
  25. Last week
  26. indyspirits

    UK Botanical suppliers

    You've got the best in Beacon Commodities : https://www.beaconcommodities.com/
  27. Southernhighlander

    Control pannel for pot still

    First of all, you cannot pressurize the jacket for steam. Water cannot exceed 212F if the jacket is not pressurized, so if you are going to run water, proportional control is best and there is no reason to have a PID. If you are going to run cooking oil or glycol all of your elements should be on the PID or you take the chance on having a huge problem. Cooking oil can be heated to 350 F so cooking oil will give you a much faster heat up and run time than water. From Twalshact's description, I think that he thinks that you have elements in the wash and did not understand the fact that you have baine marie. Lastly, If you build the controller yourself you are not going to be able to get it passed your inspector, especially since you are in Canada. i am guessing that you are in Canada because of your voltage. We build electric heating systems for stills everyday and we have hundreds of them out there in operation.
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