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  2. Do you have any rye barrels ? What distillery are you ? Thanks
  3. Similar issues with low SG when doing a bourbon mash. I've been doing 60% corn, 30% rye and 10% malt recipe and the results are as follows: Using flaked corn I hit 20 brix, no added enzymes. Fresh corn I hit 24 brix, again no added enzymes. Dried corn ground to nearly flour and cooked at 190 for 2 hours, then let rest, insulated overnight, results were struggling to hit 15 brix with added amalyse. I have access to basically unlimited dried sweet corn and want to use it but have tried everything except the addition of tons of enzymes. The fresh version of the same corn off the cob is 24 brix...take it from a silo after a year and I can't get close to 15...any thoughts? At this stage the amount of effort to get the dried corn to do what we need may not be worth doing a bourbon, but with the amazing corn we have access to, it'd be a shame. My thought was that the super dried out corn loses something else other than water and is causing us the issue we are having.
  4. Omega CNI16D53-EI Proportional control PID (With Ethernet for remote control/logging), RTD in the dephlegmator itself (through the wall). Using a Johnson 4-20ma proportional actuator with a 3 way ball valve to provide dephlegmator flow control. We use a reservoir, and the dephlegmator is on it's own loop, so the water either passes through the deplegmator or bypasses back to the tank (easier than dealing with pump control or pressure bypass). We are using a Grundfos Alpha circulator valve - it uses a ridiculously small amount of power, about 5 or 6 watts. The dephleg loop only runs about 4-5 gallons a minute. Nice thing is the PID compensates for the reservoir temperature as it heats up through the run. We can adjust the dephleg to any temp we need on demand, and I think that the run-to-run repeatability is solid. Makes it very easy to do things like run heads compression, slowly back off to take off fores/heads, adjust the hearts proof, and then compress tails if necessary. The only upgrade pending is to swap to a much faster acting proportional valve. Went with PID as it was easier to control on the fly than something like a PLC - especially considering the cost of an HMI. To go through all that trouble and the PLC would really just be "simulating" a PID? We use the same exact setup for product condenser temp control.
  5. We had a copper one, but unfortunately found it communicated a copper-like smell to samples so we got a couple of stainless steel ones
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  7. Anyone do their own hardware / software for dephlegmator control? If so, care to share your secrets?
  8. Thanks Robert. We are going to make a few more once we get it refined a bit.
  9. Annual state boiler inspection required a county mechanical permit to do undergo a simple inspection. $250 job turned into a $2500 job.
  10. thanks for the info guys
  11. SOLD
  12. No but we used NSF sinks to be sure that they wouldn't have an issue.
  13. James, Did they specify the material the sink was to be of? Did it have to be stainless?
  14. not for BC....but should help
  15. your local propane vendor may be able to help set up gas manifold pressures
  16. Oh my, that is lovely.
  17. Tried a different image host.
  18. Yep I second the 2lbs/gallon. With 2 passes on a single roller mill, I had to go to 2 1/2lbs to get about 20 Brix after conversion. But now I have a hammer mill and have been able to drop down to 2 lbs/gallon and achieve same potential abv.
  19. Hi Everyone, I recently acquired a beautiful Arnold Holstein 45L propane fired testing still and I'm having a heck of a time finding ANY information on set up, installation, operation or replacement parts. I'd like to make sure this thing is safe before I fire it up and that I'm operating it safely and within guidelines. Any help would be appreciated. Here's a pic of it in -Dave arnold still.pdf
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  21. The image is blocked for me. I'd love to see what you've done.
  22. 2 pound of grain per gallon total volume is a reasonable estimate.
  23. The spirit still has been sold. Metalcraft combo vessel(s) still available. $20k or best offer.
  24. In the distillery proper. Local municipal code has a number of health department mandated sanitary codes that apply to any food handling establishment, including manufacturing. There were a number of other requirements I didn't list. Separate handwash sink (in the manufacturing area) and a mop sink as well. The 3 basin would have been a real problem, as it's required to be air gapped into a floor sink - but we were already tearing up the concrete to lay down trench drains anyhow. Really thought, would be hard to imagine how to operate without them. FDA would certainly have something to say if they walked into a facility without these things. I thought the grease trap was excessive, not the sink, god knows I spend half the day cleaning.
  25. Yeah I was just wanting a ballpark for rough estimates. thanks
  26. Hi all, Looking for a used mash pump that can be used to handle the transferring of thick bourbon mashes between my tun, cooling vessel, and fermenter. Please let me know if you're looking to part with one, or have a good lead on where I can buy a used one. Thanks, Josh
  27. Where could I send a resume? Thank you.
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