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  2. I ended up getting the #12 stoppers from vwr. Catalog# 59581-527. They fit our dimensions and came in a 6 pack. I tried contacting the manufacturer of the white stoppers about material compatibility with ethanol and had no response. I checked with vwr about these black ones and they gave me the thumbs up. They do have an aroma of rubber tire so I soaked them overnight in new make (discarded) and that seemed to help get rid of the aroma. Overall, this set up works but it's not great. Airtight seal was not always achieved and it took two hands to remove the bottle without splashing. I would try to source the red rubber that mori uses. I think it would be a better balance of rubber hardness to get a better seal while also reducing bottle stick that I got with the white rubber bungs. Thanks again for the help! We're definitely better off than before.
  3. Regarding Pedio, many of the new wave sour beer producers (and some old wave lambics), are purposely using P. Damnosis in mixed fermentations with very good results. Heck, White Labs even sells homebrew sized vials of the kinds of bugs we would have shrieked in horror to find before (including P. Damnosis). Now, I agree, there are big differences between beer and distillate, but those sour and mixed fermentation folks sure seem to be turning what used to be plain ol' common sense on it's head.
  4. They don't have much usable capacity. We're talking like 3-6-9kw of power with a steam bath unit (~10,000-30,000 btu). You probably have a workable capacity of 10-30 gallons or so, maybe not even that. You hit a point where they are nearly as expensive as boilers, or in some cases they are just traditional steam boilers. For example, the 18kw Mr Steam is a relabeled Sussman electric boiler, that require all the fit and finish of a traditional boiler, and is just as expensive. For a very small steam injection setup, it might work, but you would need to find a workaround for the safety shutdown timers - otherwise you'll need to manually reset and restart the unit a few times every hour. Most small units aren't designed for any kind of continuous commercial use - doesn't mean they wouldn't work - but I wonder how long a cheap unit would realistically last. Be safe, a boiler is a boiler.
  5. All you need for a scrubber is steel wool canister to put into the line.
  6. Likely pediococcus damnosus. Unfortunately this is an anaerobic bacteria which does not form a discernable pellicle, so it's difficult to identify. It ruins your ferments from inside out. This is one of the worst of the infections you can have. Anything it has touched should be extremely well sanitized.
  7. what about the slimy ferments? I've had a couple ferments get thick in quick ferments too... smells and tastes normal~ish but the wash is thick. P.S. SCD, only the NIH page opened for me so I apologize if the answer was in the other two.
  8. Experiment, experiment, experiment. Who knows what really went into the grain bill. The end product is absolutely not important. What's important is the marketing story around it. Remember, you're not in the distilling business, you're in a marketing business whose product is a distilled beverage. You've got a great story. Go with it.
  9. A steam generator like a Mr. Steam (usually used in spas)are smaller, startup quicker although have less power but do not usually require a boilermaker to install them. Also they are much, much less expensive.
  10. Doesn't Maker's Mark have a big cesspool they use for methane generation for their boilers? I didn't actually see it but they spoke of it a few years ago on their tour. I haven't been back since so idk if it's still a thing. Regardless, several craft to large breweries (probably close to all?) use secondary fermentation to reduce biological oxygen demand (BOD). A methane digestor just collects and compresses it at the lowest level but if you are large enough (bigger than DIY) you'll need to scrub (purify) the gasses. Note that I have never built one but have talked with several companies and researches on it so I'm just regurgitating info here.
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  12. dhdunbar I greatly appreciate your ability to google serach. It is truly unmatched. However, I was more so interested in whether using a fores for bug repellent would act as an unauthorized business requiring written consent: {19.73 (b) Other business. If the applicant intends to conduct any other business on the distilled spirits plant premises as authorized under § 19.55, the following information must be submitted with the application: (1) A description of the business; (2) A list of buildings and equipment that will be used; and (3) A statement of the relationship of the business to the distilled spirits operations at the plant. (c) Additional information. The applicant must furnish any additional information needed by TTB to determine if the application for registration should be approved.} or if it falls under 19.459 Voluntary Destruction regulations requiring written permission on each round of fores removals. IF 19.308 is followed, then we are required to continually recycle spirits on premise or I suppose we could dilute to 10% (although that seems like something the feds wouldn't like..). It really doesn't seem like a "byproduct" if you are intending to discard it, although if you were to put it into commercial use it would certainly be byproduct instead of a waste product. Maybe we can do a little more to discuss how the rules are to be interpreted since the confusion often lies with the actual verbiage and definitions of terms as opposed to any ability to copy n paste? I, for one, don't really have anybody within a plane flight's distance that I can discuss these things with (outside of ADI)... Hope this didn't come off too salty - it's in the air out here
  13. What's the difference?
  14. Has anyone tried using a steam generator rather than a boiler?
  15. I messaged you on Jan 4th regarding tanks. No reply. Are you selling tanks?
  16. I am new to this – see my welcome message – but thought I'd seek some advice about reverse-engineering an old rye (at least it's labeled rye). I found it in a relative’s closet, stored in an old gin bottle with a hand-written label. It was acquired in either the 1920s or the 1930s. The man who originally got it split time between Eastern Pennsylvania and South Carolina. It’s very rich, dark and complex – sort of like rye, tinged with aged buttery rum (molasses?) and cognac. It was apparently decanted into the gin bottle decades ago from a larger glass container -- don't know how much alcohol was lost, or what the long sit in bottles did. Apologies if this has been covered already, but w hat is the best way to go about recreating this? Any recommendations for expert noses/palates or chemical analysis places/methods? Thanks in advance. Tallman
  17. I am researching craft distilling and what's needed to open a small company. Hope to get plenty of info here.
  18. Howdy all form Nebraska. Great Plains Distillery LLC we will be up and running by April this year. we are the first in the panhandle of Nebraska. im looking for a swede controller if anybody has one.
  19. We are interested in a number of pieces of the equipment but can't seem to get a response to our inquiries.
  20. - Their website is sparse. Boyd & Blair's distillery is on the AGC's plant location so I am certain they would supply spirit bottles. - One of their sales reps is a member here. I think there are a of other couple bottle guys on here. Not sure of their origination.
  21. If you want to see more about iStill in Scotland, please click on this link: Regards, Odin.
  22. I am selling a 660 gallon Distillery Mash Tun produced by Artisan Still Design:- 2500L- Steam jacketed - Extra ports for steam injection if desired* - Bottom mounted 3 HP, 3 phase electric motor for the agitator- several ports on top for both CIP and fill water inlet - 16" man-way- 3" drainThis MT is already disconnected and available for immediate pick up. See the attached cut sheet.Located in Kansas City. It's been used only several times. Asking $25k. Buyer responsible for shipping. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have. Thank you!*We didn't want to use the steam injection so we had them capped but I still have the sparge tubes.2500L MASH TUN Marked Up.pdf
  23. Greetings I recently drained off the remains from a whiskey barrel [Jefferson] purchased for cider making....nearly a gallon! However the finest charcoal particles rendering the fluid black as can be, now in a jar over 30 days and hardly changed.... some settling but not much. Not in a hurry but if there's a way to filter this i'm all ears! Best
  24. Looking for recommendations on an American owned and operated bottle manufacturer. "Made in America" is brand-centric to this particular product, so it carries through to the bottle. I'm new here, so any help is appreciated!
  25. Acting as marketing director for a fledgling whiskey product. Looking forward to sharing and learning-- particularly about packaging, marketing, social media, etc. I participated in the launch of an artisan potato vodka (Cold River Vodka) back in 2007.
  26. Hi there, I have not posted in these forums before, as I am a home brewer of beer, but I wanted to mention my experience with Oak Wood Barrels. I can also confirm they are most definitely a scam. I am from the United States, and I did some research into this company and they do not legitimately exist as a physical business entity. The Better Business Bureau has also given them a poor rating for not responding to their contacts. I also investigated the company itself, which supposedly has a head quarters in Ontario, Canada. They do not; however, and by tracing their IP addresses, and looking at their domain registration, I found they are actually located somewhere in Europe. If you contact them, they will respond immediately but note also how they have virtually no contact information on their web page, aside from the one e-mail address. If you investigate their LinkedIn profile, you will see they are very suspect, and all "leaders" of the company have strangely uniform profiles. Also there is a lot of inconsistent information about the company, with wildly different numbers. It is easy to see they are not legitimate if you look into it. Unfortunately I did not look into them ahead of time, and I did fall for their scam because as a home brewer, oak barrels at a good price sounds like an excellent deal. I determined they were a scam after placing my order, but canceled it immediately. They claimed to refund my money, which they did not do, even after several days of waiting, and going back and forth with them via e-mail. Eventually I was forced to get my credit card company involved, and did eventually win a dispute against them to get my money back. But that said, I wanted to post here to warn others of this scam site; you will never receive your order, and might have difficulty getting your money back.
  27. We have an AODD Yamada NDP-25 and our still came with a small EXP Jabsco flex-impeller hard piped in. No complaints on either.
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