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  2. Im not much for cigars anymore. I recently quit smoking cigarettes and every time I have a cigar I end up buying a pack of smokes. I do however miss my trips to Hati when I was in the Corps and could get Espenditoes (sp) on the cheap. Im currently sitting in my far too small garrage picking apart the grainbill and aging in Booker's uncut and unfiltered. Im normally not a big fan of rye in bourbon. But its pretty decent and I like the cask strength at this cost. Sorry for the multiple posts. I kinda started posting before I read all the responses. Ill stop now.
  3. Oh and whiskeytango. It depends on the state. In some states all you need is a federal fuel license. In others you have to go through courses and have to have inspections on your still fermenting equipment and what not. I am lucky enough to live in a state which while more restrictive than Mo is less so than many others.
  4. Sorry if I came off harsh. Been on a lot of forums where folks were more interested in questioning the legality than the methods I use. If that was not your intent then I apologize. Once bitten type thing I guess. Thougu I understand it. A lot of these forums have a large membership whos livelyhood relies on them doing it legally and know the hoops they had to jump through. There does seem to be a wealth of knowledge here. And I look forward to learning what yall get into. I am from the states and currently live in the midwest. But Ive lived in about 8 (I think) different states and several different countries (however briefly) Like I said. I tend to stick to whiskeys. Primarially bourbon. Though I will do feints runs for neutrals for the wife (did I already say that?). But have experimented with other flavored spirits. I am actually about to start another couple batches which Ill age until my sons turn 21 (7 years and 10 years respectively). Kind of a coming of age sort of thing. And Ive toyed with doing a batch for when my grandson comes of age. He's 3 months old now. Which brought me here. While I know a good bit about it aging is by far my weakest subject. But think I have a decent handle on some of it. So anyway. Thanks again for having me.
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  6. It'll be the death of me Southernhighlander, but fun while it lasts! There's nothing better than a good cigar and spirit pairing IMHO. Cheers!
  7. Larry Sputnik, Man that cigar whiskey glass thing you got goin on, is cool as shit. It looks like you are a guy who enjoys the finer things.
  8. Home distilling is legal in the state of MO. MO law plainly states that a person 21 years of age shall not be required to have a licence to distill spirits for his or her own personal consumption. An individual 21 years of age or older can make up to 100 gallons off distilled spirits per year in MO. Many people are home distilling here in MO. County Sheriffs here enforce state law and the Sheriff in my county does not have a problem with home distilling. Nor does the Prosecutor. I have spoken with the state ATC agent for our area and he and his agency have no problem with home distillers, as long as they fallow state law. The MO state Alcohol Tobacco Control (ATC) enforces state law. So John is distilling in his back yard and Nosy Nancy next door calls the Sheriff. The Sheriff checks it out and John is fallowing state law, so there's no problem as far as he is concerned. Nosy Nancy does not like that answer and so she calls the MO state Alcohol Tobacco Control. They have no problem with it, so Nancy calls the TTB. The TTB directs her to the MO state ATC who have no problem with it. So in effect, home distilling is legal here in MO. It's no different than the 29 states that have legalized cannabis. The feds are not busting pot shops and dispensaries in states where it is legal, so it is in effect legal in those states. The states Attorney General tried to stop the legalization of cannabis in AZ because it was illegal under federal law, and it went to court. Basically the judge said, precedent has been set by many other states and he denied the States Attorney general the ability to stop the legalization on the grounds that it was illegal under federal law. Since the founding, the states have assertied, at many different points in our history, that nullification was absolutely constitutional. Both Thomas Jeffersion and James Madison beleived in the rights of states to nullify federal law. since the 1990s, states have in effect nullified federal Marijuana laws. As far as I know the feds have not charged anyone in MO who is fallowing state law concerning home distilling. MO has in effect nullified federal law concerning home distilling But really, WhiskeyTango what business is it of yours or DaveFlintstones what Turbo does? Nobody likes a Nosy Nancy Anyway, last I heard, a Bill may soon be passed that will legalize home distilling at the federal level. That same bill will lower your liquor taxes. Sound like a good thing to me. What do you think?
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  10. ha no! Im just curious how its legal and in what states? Its my understanding that its federally mandated that its not legal. So even where states say its ok its still not legal at the fed level and the fed law trump state law.
  11. Apparently there's a new sheriff in town...
  12. Thank you for posting this, we also had major issues with Corson that seem to mirror yours. We purchased 1- 500 gallon mashtun, 4- 500 gallon fermenters and 1- 500 gallon 10 plate still. We were one of their first customers and took the leap after looking at many other manufacturers. They promised quick build times and good prices, they were quick to respond to every phone call and email until they received the down payment, then it was very difficult to get any information. We ended up having to get our lawyer involved in order to show we were very serious about the situation and finally received equipment in partial loads starting months after the original delivery date and the last one coming a year after. We also have a fermenter with a leaking jacket that they refused to fix, the leak was blamed on us even though we had not used the fermenter yet. When they finally returned to repair and replace the faulty equipment, they were very rushed to make their flight back home and ended up having to leave before completing the repairs which were agreed upon in a new agreement our lawyers worked up. When I made the point that the fermenter had not been fixed, none of the equipment had been pressure tested and many parts were missing, Tory started to verbally attack my employees and I. I have never been treated with such disrespect or called the names he was coming up with. An employee noticing the situation ended up calling the police for fear that Tory would turn violent. We have since stopped attempting to repair the multiple design issues with our columns and use the still exclusively as a pot still. Our jacket still leaks on the fermenter, do you happen to have a contact to have this repaired? This is just a quick highlight of our dealings with Corson, we did not have a positive experience in dealing with them, to say the least. I appreciate your honesty in starting this thread, I had typed a review multiple times but decided against posting each time. They did leave our still on their website for some time so luckily I was able to receive a few phone calls asking our opinion. Hayes Kelman Dodge City Kansas
  13. We just delivered and set up the equipment below in a distillery in Sevierville TN. There are 3 completed systems in the pics including stills, mash tuns, fermenters and pumps. We also sold them their Steam Boiler. The largest set up has a 1,000 gallon operating capacity Ultra Pro Whiskey Still, 1,000 gallon mash tun and five 1,000 gallon fermenters. The price of the 1000 gallon still is lower than some of our competitors 150 gallon stills. I was born and raised in the Great Smoky Mountains and I have lots of family there, as my people on both sides, have been there for many generations. We have equipment in several distilleries in the Smokies.
  14. Ive tried a few varieties of base malt but have never been able to detect a noticable difference in the flavor of finished spirits produced using different base malts. With that said I know a few distillers who swear the particular variety of base malt they use is the best. Now if you add in some crystal malts or dark malts to the mash bill will contribute alot of variation in flavor.
  15. Hi George. Ive got a Corson system at my facility in Austin. Id be glad to tell you about my experience with their equipment. PM me
  16. Hi Turbo, Welcome to the forum. There is a wealth of information here and some really nice people. I certainly don't have any concerns about your personal business, including where you are from. There are many places now where home distilling is legal including one US state. Also, people can post here from anywhere in the world. If you are interested in equipment, check out my web sites Give the URLs to your friends. We have some of the best prices and quality in the industry. We have sold thousands of stills. If you have questions or need anything, I'm glad to help you on here or you can contact me privately. 417-778-6100
  17. Hi Turbo, welcome to the forum
  18. WT, believe me, I tried that. Once you get away from a major metropolitan area, small industrial spaces that have access to enough water for a sprinker system gets extraordinarily difficult, or impossible. I could not find any location for lease under 5000 sq.ft. that had utilities (water, electricity, gas) that wasn't near a church, school, or public hospital. Sure, I could lease a small space and get a a tiny still. But, it's not profitable when you can't store more than 120 gallons. Banks don't like business that loose money either. At this point, I'm neck deep into this property, and am even considering purchasing the small house next door for a tasting room / office.
  19. what brand and model is this corker?
  20. Update: The ferment is going great and the yeast is coming back aggressively every time I add more fresh mango juice. Usually just two days between adding juice. I have one more juice session left and no need to inoculate as the yeast is going great and finishing the fermentation overnight every time. I severely under pitched compared to the sugar content and it is still aggressive and vibrantly fermenting while gaining little to no heat during the fermentation.
  21. I have not, but the flavors are so pronounced I don't know how they wouldn't.
  22. Oh sorry i thought this was a post on the American Distilling Institute forum. But sure they can be from anywhere. So Turbo where you from?
  23. Turbo, I'm sorry if the comments made after me put mine into the wrong context. I simply wanted to know more about you. It's not my business to know any of those other questions regarding your licensure. With that said, I hope to engage in some insightful conversations with you throughout this forum. Thanks for joining. I look forward to your posts. Joe
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  25. Ive experimented with rums and brandy but never really developed a taste for them. Out of curiosity. Is this going to be the type of site where I spend more time trying to prove my legality than actually talking about and learning about this craft?
  26. I am spooling up to have a lot of fresh dumped barrels.
  27. We have just started producing cream base for sale. Since we make it from starch we make it just the way you want. 1. Our cream does not curdle, making it easier to mix and have more mixed drinks 2. Less than 1% butterfat, making it much more healthier then the normal 14-15% butterfat. 3. No government subsidy attached if you export out of the USA unlike product from the other two (Galloway, Creamy Creations) 4. 100% developed in house with the help of Iowa State University, taking over 1.5 years to perfect. 515-559-4879
  28. Contact Mark Gottsacker at Galloway. they do smaller batches through ultrapure - via Jennifer Pond not sure about the smaller barrel size though...tote may be smallest.
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