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  2. Interested in the equipment you listed. Can you send photos? Also what is the reason you are getting rid of it? Thanks Tim
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  4. Hi there, In june, I'm traveling to Portugal and was wondering if any of you knew nice distilleries to vitsit there. I tried googled it, but not much sucess. Any insights would be appreciated. Cheers,
  5. Both still available. Open to reasonable offers on each.
  6. Here one I found that is all together. It is 40" but will take a 30" filter or smaller.
  7. What you are trying to build is call a "DSM SCREEN" or "BENT SCREEN SEPARATOR" Normally made of stainless steel triangled shaped wire. It shaves the water off of the particles. There is no moving parts. They work very very good. The trick is the bend in the screen and the length. Normally only 4- 6 feet long and 30-48" wide. On your 3 pic pipe manifold, if you changed the design of you distribution system to a distribution box it would allow for more even flow and work even better. If you want stainless screen just google it and there many people who make these in the USA. I am very much surprised that more people don't have these BENT SCREEN SEPARATORS. I guess no one know about them. Questions, Just ask..... 515-559-4879
  8. We have several continuous stills under our belt. We are looking to be the Continuous still KINGS..... MADE IN THE USA. We computer model every one of our units for optimum efficiency and output. We will be designing a one step process continuous still by the end of the year. We will be starting a new project very soon making a unit that will have 17 gpm input feed rate, with a 43.5 hp boiler (1500 lbs steam), 29' tall. But we can make any size for any of your needs. Upgrading your distillery? Don't buy a bigger pot, buy a continuous still. Save production time, and money. 515-559-4879
  9. We have our glass water jetted here local. They will do any size , and any thickness. We normally get 3/8" or 1/2" thick. Cost about $5 for a 3" circle. Standard glass is all you need.
  10. by volume calculation, done...... We do it everyday.
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  12. I don't think I explained myself properly. I don't like the straight through Liebig condensers especially if they are short. Some uncondensed vapor can get through without being condensed especially if heat turned up too much at start of boil. Whereas the Graham condenser with the spiral vapor path is much longer and also if it is at about an angle of 45 deg. some liquid forms at the bottom of the curves and prevents any loss of vapor.
  13. thanks hedge bird i ll check them out , i may have to call them monday and see if they could jus cut me a 6 and half inch circle of hightemper glass .
  14. Don, sent. navenjohnson- yes we would
  15. Will you sell the items separately?
  16. I purchased a red-line sight glass tube from these guys to replace a cracked sight glass we had. Fittings, tubes, valves and event the cutter to cut your sight glass the length:
  17. Is this a half-hearted joke? a $1 million revenue business is not worth $5 million sale, unfortunately.
  18. morning was wondering if anyone knows a source where i can get a 6.5 inch sight glass , just the glass . i would like to cap off the agitator port with a glass instead of ss plate , figure that hole is of no use may as well make it into a window to the world lol . any ideas would be great . thanks
  19. Hey bud, can you send me pictures of all? Shoot me an email at don <at> fxbgspirits <dot com> and lets see if we can work something out. Thanks, Don
  20. Okay, the show is in Dutch, and half of it is about a special villa, but the rest is about award winning master distiller Bart Joosten, making his single malt whisky and gin: Regards, Odin.
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  22. something is screwy with the link:
  23. I'd say 2521 is what we have, thank you for looking that up.
  24. What you did not say was how you were handling the introduction of the botanicals. Is this a compound gin, distilled gin, or redistilled gin? What botanicals? No one has even a chance of suggesting a solution with so little info, I would think.
  25. We also have the taper capable RLTC. Does a very nice job on our slightly tapered bottles. I went back through my emails with Marc and I don't see any DW on our order, we simply ordered the RLTC.
  26. Standard membrane sizes near yours are: 2521 (2.5" in diameter and 21" long), and 2540 (2.5" in diameter and 40" long). Hopefully your system uses standard-sized membranes. Russ
  27. Don't have part numbers, but we have a couple of small (3 feet of 3 inch pvc shell) membrane filters in sequence. Makes about 10 gallons an hour, so planning is needed. I keep a 10 gallon milk can sealed up with RO water and clean it regularly, mostly for rinsing things. When I need more than that, I'll fill one of my 80 gallon tanks the day before/morning of.
  28. I have the ROSCOMP-450 which does 450 - 600 GPD. We bought the float with it that we mounted into the side of our fresh water tote and turn it on the afternoon before we are going to proof and we have plenty of water in the morning and the float cuts the power to the unit, so no overflow at night. I bought it from ESP Water Products that HottyToddy77 was looking at for another unit. Easy to change the filters also.
  29. Which model? I had been looking at the RLTC-DW
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