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  2. Chiller Setup

    Our supply and our return from the chiller are 2" Copper. The recommended material options from the chiller company were industrial ABS (not available in our parts), stainless or copper. We chose to use copper and although necessary, it will feel like a crime to cover it in foam insulation. Our high point in the two inch is between the supply and return (think of a square of 2" copper square strapped to the wall) and any 3/4" offshoots to tanks would start too low for a bleeder to be of value (although those would have been easy to work with since they are pex).
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  4. Aeration

    @Tom Lenerz posed an interesting question - are you folks even measuring DO before you add oxygen? Or, after? How do you even know this is a problem needing to be solved?
  5. Chiller Setup

    For what?? We have a 2500 gallon reservoir. We do have a single check valve but don't have any bleeders. We though about adding on at the highest point near the dephlegmator on our tall column. Our loop is piped in Schedule 80 PVC.
  6. Aeration

    We try not to oxygenate and simply overpitch. I don't want the yeast doing their aerobic thing, I want them doing their anaerobic thing.
  7. Wiring Control Box

    Lots of white wires in the box. Im hesitant to even guess. It appears there are only three wires coming into the box -- two hots and a ground? Where are you located? Really need a proper schematic.
  8. 300 gallon new Still for sale

    ASD uses triclamp not DIN.
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  10. We are Starting a Distillery in Port Angeles Washington. I am looking for anyone who can direct me toward an Electrical Engineer that does Hazardous Locations Inspection. We need to have our electrical engineered for explosion proof before we can start operations... Any help on engineer contacts would be appreciated. Thank you, Paul Caudill 3604602810
  11. 300 gallon new Still for sale

    Hambone: Where are you located?
  12. Wiring Control Box

    Having trouble figuring out exactly how to wire my control box. I have 2 - 5kw Heating elements that need to be wired to a 10kw Control Box. The electrician that wired the box to the Electric Panel isn't sure either, so that doesn't really reassure me. Any help on this would be great, thanks. Picture attached with inside of box.
  13. Anyone seen this: www.good-libations.com

    It seems someone has already done this: https://www.cooksillustrated.com/how_tos/6458-instant-aged-bourbon
  14. Anyone seen this: www.good-libations.com

    http://www.1millioncups.com/presentations/good-libations-llc-10023 Sounds like they spike it with carboxylic acid(s) to create esters & then does something to remove heads. It doesn't sound like anything groundbreaking but you never know. When they have professional level people taste and rate their products then I'll trust it more.
  15. Anyone seen this: www.good-libations.com

    It always concerns me when they claim trademark (Good Libations) when none exists. Could be a marketing/web dude screwup but make one wonder...
  16. 300 gallon new Still for sale

    ASD manufactured?
  17. Anyone seen this: www.good-libations.com

    Most "Fast aging" processes tend to leave products one dimensional. http://www.twincities.com/2016/09/10/startup-showcase-when-the-spirit-cant-wait-good-libations-moves-in/ I looked briefly for a patent but I couldn't find it. If you can find it list it so that we can chew it over.
  18. Ice Machine / Ice Maker?

    Before you select an ice maker I would suggest selecting a type of ice you want to make. One that looks good in the glasses you have, complements the cocktails you offer, and melts at the rate you wish for dilution. Ice is a major component of any cocktail.
  19. Wooden Cocktail Stirrers - Anyone..?

    Alibaba is an amazing resource for bulk bar items that big buys use effectively for marketing
  20. Anyone seen this: www.good-libations.com

    No, could be snake oil, but there could be GRAS additives that might neutralize most objectionable characteristics in young whiskey, who knows? Since they don't identify anything, or list any relevant patents (I could find none on USPTO), I am not sure I would invest.
  21. Barrel Mill barrel quality

    They make good barrels. I have a 15 gallon used brandy barrel from Old Sugar Distillery I'm using as a test batch for some port finishing. Sealed up with essentially no issue at all and is holding fluid exceptionally well.
  22. @wardwater, here are the answers sent to me . 1. I am planning on sourcing my whiskey wash from local breweries. Would I need a jacketed still for this? No need for jacketed still for clear washes. 2. How many gallons of water is used for one run on the 50 and 100L still? Would I be able to set up a tank solely for cooling and reuse the water? (See my question #5) The cooling water requirement is difficult to be approximated, as there are many factors that impose water supply parameters, for example: - incoming water temperature, - cooling water pressure - the alcohol strength of the batch in the tank, - type of distillation (190 proof or Pot Still mode), - the length of the discharge hoses, - room temperature e.t.c. Based on our testing, the following water consumption was observed: Genio 50 direct heat, alcohol strength in tank 15% - 16% alc/vol. Watching the flow of water all the time (minimizing the flow by adjusting the water inlet valve) and keeping the peak temperature between 33°C and 40°C Within 4 hours and 25 minutes of the production process, approximately 240 liters of water was consumed (53L/h). However, this result was due to the continuous MANUAL water flow control (minimization of water consumption). 3. Do you have gin baskets for the two smaller stills? YES Standalone GIN column. 4. Do your stills operate on atmospheric pressure? Yes, operate on atmospheric pressure. There is nothing pressurized in the still. It also comes with a pressure sensor which compensates for changes in ambient air pressure, which is especially important when still operates at higher elevation (mountainous regions), as boiling temperature is lower at higher elevations due to change in pressure. 5. How many whiskey runs could I do in 24 hours if they ran back-to-back, and how much product would be yielded at, say, 130 proof? For a 50L directly heated still, the heat-up time is 1 hour. Column stabilization time is set by the user, but we recommend minimum 15 minutes. Alcohol production is 2.5 L/h and that is at 190 proof equivalent, therefore 3.6 L/h of 160 proof. If you place 50L of 20 proof alcohol into your still, alcohol production time will be approximately 2 hours and you will get a total of ~7L of 160 proof. Keep in mind that portion of that will be removed as your heads and tails, so your hearts cut will be a smaller amount and it will depend on the distiller's preference. Therefore, assuming you do consecutive batches, back to back, of 50L at 20 proof initial strength, it will take you approximately 3.5 hours to distill. Now add 0.5 hours for drainage and refilling, lets round to 4 hours. In a 24 hour period, you could do 6 distillation runs, going from 300L of 20 proof wash to 56L of 130 proof, of which you may decide to keep between 50% and 75% as your hearts and remainder you could redistill into neutral alcohol for some other purpose (gin, liquors, vodka, etc.). 6. Is there a Genio still in operation anywhere near me? I am in Oregon. There are Genio stills in operation in Washington, Montana, British Columbia and Alberta. We will be in Red Deer, Alberta September 20th to 24th installing a GENIO Mash Still 500 for a brewery that is venturing into distilling now. Another one was just delivered to Victoria, BC last week. 7. What sort of training and ongoing support do you offer? If my still broke down, who would fix it? We can arrange to visit your distillery to provide hands-on training or we can also provide assistance through telephone, Skype and email. It just depends on our client's preference. If something was to breakdown, we would courier a part to you using UPS Air right to your distillery. All components on the still are very easily removable and you just need the following tools to be able to take the entire still apart: flat head screwdriver, philips head screwdriver, 10mm, 13mm, and 17mm wrench and a pair of pliers. Therefore very easy to replace anything on the still and we would provide assistance over the phone or Skype if required. Our stills come with a 2 year full warranty, but if something was to fail from normal use after 2 years, we would still fix it as we are in the business of having happy customers.
  23. I am selling my 600 gallon still with 4 plate whiskey head and gin basket as well as my 600 gallon jacketed mash tun with rake and lautering option. We ordered a 600 gallon system that was made right here in America from Corson distilling systems and were given a time frame of no more than 20-24 weeks. That was over a year ago and we finally received our equipment. After countless time frames that came and went with no response what so ever from Corson we didn't know if we would ever receive our equipment so we went another direction and ordered equipment from someone else. All of that being said the still and mash tun are well built and more importantly in my possession. I would post pictures but im having the copper powder coated as Corson sent my equipment to me with sand blasted copper column and whiskey head and im not fond of the color so were powder coating them. Please contact me at 503-949-4782 or here or engine451@gmail.com for any questions,price and pictures. Serious inquires only please. Thanks Cory 503-949-4782 engine451@gmail.com
  24. Used dairy equipment

    I hear you. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" as they say.
  25. My dear mom sent me a link to http://www.good-libations.com/ yesterday saying her friend was going to invest in this. Anyone here heard of them? Anyone on here working with them? Can simply adding GRAS to a barrel make a 20 year whiskey?
  26. 66 to 122 gal. automated GENIO Still

    I'm interested in the still as well. Can you post the answer to bibi questions or private message me. I'm based in Colorado
  27. DYE China?

    No problem. Thank you for the complement.
  28. Hello there, Just a quick note to say hello, checking in from The London Distillery Company in London England Nice to meet you all
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