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  2. ALERT! Impending U.S. Government Shutdown could affect access to TTB website Due to the possible impending government shutdown you may have read about in the news, it is possible that access to TTB’s website could be severely restricted or cut off for DSPs while the shutdown is in effect. Therefore, if you need copies of your permits, registrations, formulas, COLAs or other documents that reside on the TTB system, it is advised that distilleries log on and download those items today! Link to TTB Shutdown Plan: https://www.treasury.gov/SitePolicies/Documents/TTB-Shutdown-Plan-12062017.pdf
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  4. Why wait 6-8 weeks and pay full price for a New 26-Gallon Turn Key Hillbilly potstill when you can have it in a few days and for less money. Both are brand new, never used stills. No scratches, no scuff marks and no dents on either still. They have been carefully stored and packed away. Business plans took a different turn, no other reason. Link below is to manufacturer's website. https://www.hillbillystills.com/product/turn-key-distillery-with-hs5500/ Manufacturers' asking price is $3,450 + tax. Looking to sell each one for $3,000 + shipping please email chth121@yahoo.com if interested.
  5. Cooling Water set up feedback

    Not sure what setup mentioned above your looking for, but the simple one we are using looks like this: Conestoga River -> City Water -> Condensers on Still -> Hot Water Holding Tank -> Mash Tun
  6. anything smaller in stock?
  7. Not yet, though there are interested parties. The still is on pallets ready for shipment.
  8. What ever happened to iStill?

    Thanks for sharing. Proof of the pudding is in eating, right? So lets do that and see how it works. Our head brewer has a recipe formulated for an IPA and I'll join him in a week or two. Flying out to Utah for a workshop first. Speak to you all soon! Odin.

    Footprint of the still is in the link above in the listing. Not sure of weight.
  10. has this been sold ??

    what are the footprint dimensions and total height?
  12. Finish Still, Stripping Still, Hammer Mill and Scale

    Everything is still available. If you're interested in a piece you can make me an offer.
  13. What ever happened to iStill?

    Hey it's a different and novel approach, but I can not see it working efficiently in that you will not reach acceptable / comparable extract. Basically you are trying to simulate a mashtun and lautertun combination. With beer you agitate the mash and heat for the various conversion steps. Post that it would pass to the lautertun and then onto the wort kettle. So in your case there is no mash for agitation because it has been left behind in the extractor. Also there is no real bed to drain from / through, nor is sparging possible. Ultimately there are going to be terrible losses to contend with. Worst of all, there is is a tonne of spent grain to remove from the extractor. But a great effort and you won't know it until you try it. I have often thought about this and I would have performed all in the kettle and then considered placing a strainer post the kettle whilst pumping / transferring to another vessel for spent grain removal and prior to cooking (wort kettle) and then transferring back to the kettle. That's my sixpence worth.
  14. New Jersey Guild?

    NJ guild is in the final stages of formation, we've got a great group of distillers and a pretty tight-knit community. Drop me your email address and I'll add you to the distro.
  15. Cooling Water set up feedback

    I have done several up North set ups you describe, one in W. CT that uses the "dry" cooler cooling glycol all winter until end of March before he switches over to the refrigeration chiller. Indoors he has a larger poly reservoir for water chilled by either chiller or drycooler by means of a isolation plate exchanger. This means he saves on the running of his 10 HP chiller for almost half the year, payback less than 2 years for the drycooler with it own circulating pump. There are more exotic ambient coolers that are hybrid and can use water spray to extend the drycooler function further.
  16. Wash Ratios

    It would seem this question depends heavily on the type of molasses you are using and its sugar content. Here are two previous conversations that touch on this subject:
  17. Hello from south central PA!

    Welcome and cheers from SE PA. I am a very very (very) small producer here. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions I might be able to help you with.
  18. New Jersey Guild?

    Is there, or has there been any motion. on a New Jersey guild? Id be interested. Thanks! Scott
  19. Wash Ratios

    I've been searching for the answer to this and have yet to see one for rum. I have found it for whiskey and vodka, but not rum. Is there a standard ratio of molasses/sugar/yeast/water for making the wash? I.e. 1 pint molasses 1 pound sugar 1 oz yeast to one gallon water. Is it a 1:1 ratio? TIA
  20. I'm glad I found this forum. I've had a lot of my questions answered already just from reading. I have been a home brewer of wine and beer for nearly a decade, and am now interested in distilling. My son and I are looking at opening a craft distillery. We are not trying to be the next Jack Daniels or Bacardi. We want to be a small run distiller with a tasting room that creates the best spirits we can. I know I'll have a lot of questions, but hopefully I can find them by searching.
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  22. What ever happened to iStill?

    Here are two pics. On the first one my assembly hall manager is cutting the lines to feed the Extractor. The other one is the pump and how we attached it (tri-clamp) to the boiler. Movie on final pump testing in this configuration on the iStill Blog tomorrow. Regards, Odin.
  23. Greenish/Yellow Heads in brandy from Red wine

    If it were that, he'd be getting it from every run. What was the vinification method? Do you make the wine or does someone else? Ask them about maceration times. It could be a volatile component from maceration with grape seed.
  24. Wondered if anyone has added a distillery to a winery, I have a 4000 case winery in MN, solid booked for weddings and events, ordered a still and sent in applications to TTB and State. Intention is to make spirits for serving and in time to distributors. Any advise or experiences with this vertical integration would be appreciated. Timothy, Next Chapter winery llc
  25. Accolades for Others

    -I like HFS' Orphan Girl and Neversweat. -I still haven't found anyone who can make a better old-fashioned than me if I have a bottle of Starlight's Private reserve brandy on hand. -I believe that bluecoat gin is phenomenal and I can't wait to try some of Cassell's other products out of his new operation in philly (and elsewheres) -Mississippi River Distilling Company makes (or made) an unbelievable coffee liqueur. -I like death's door's gin, but Im gonna credit JJ on that instead of the distillery- can't wait to see what the Bently heritage estate has in store for us big dog! -Although not craft distilled, it absolutely was "craftfully" blended (and around here we have a saying that we probably stole from else where: Distillers are rock stars, blenders are porn stars.) the original Bourye from highwest was delectable. I have a half a bottle saved for a rainy day but I don't know what occasion will actually call for that much fantastic

    Reduced the price. Make an offer!
  27. Greenish/Yellow Heads in brandy from Red wine

    Just a hunch but what did you distill prior to the runs with the greenish-yellow tint? Sometimes I notice that wacky colors come out in the heads when I'm doing a run immediately following a stripping run where I went to 0% ABV. My hunch is that the weird colors may be fores/heads dissolving the fats that deposited in the condenser at the very end of the previous run. I can make this go away by doing a quick steam run to clear out the condenser most of the time. Maybe try steaming out your condenser before your run and see if that helps?
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