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  1. Loss in low-wines run

    MGL. Your trolling is not going to stop me from helping people. Also, my stills mash tuns and fermenters are my designs so I am not just a reseller. I am a successful designer and manufacturer of distilling equipment. There is a big difference.
  2. Still agitator

    My other mixers work fine. I will be selling most major brands of mixers, that are applicable, not just Brawn. I'm doing the same with pumps, safety valves etc. I want my customers to have lots of options, at better prices than my competitors, apples to apples. We have the deepest sanitary parts catalog in the distilling equipment industry. I currently supply parts to other still and brewery equipment manufacturers as well as food processing equipment and winery equipment manufacturers. If you need quality parts at the best prices let me know. Since you build equipment. I can will give you wholesale pricing on whatever you need.
  3. 300Gal pot still

    Give me a call at 417-778-6100 or email paul@distillery-equipment.com. We have stills in over 250 distilleries in the US and several in Canada as well. Below is a link to some reveiws of our equipment on ADI below are some reviews of one of our competitors here on ADI Below is a picture of one of our 300 gallon Ultra Pro Whiskey Stills with a gin basket and copper top on the boiler. http://distillery-equipment.com http://moonshine-still.co http://triclamp.co
  4. Loss in low-wines run

    It's always best to check all possibilities and it certainly never hurts to do a pressure test to check for leaks. The answer to my question concerning how much mash was left in the pot after the run is complete, is really the best way to figure out the problem
  5. Loss in low-wines run

    Did you have any juice in the plates when the run was complete? Also how many gallons did you put in the pot and how many gallons did you have in the pot when the run was complete? The answer to this last question will really help to solve your mystery.
  6. Loss in low-wines run

    You should also check your outgoing coolant for ethanol.
  7. Loss in low-wines run

    If your mash had the correct percentage of alcohol and you did not leave much alcohol in the pot, the next thing that I would do is check the still for vapor leaks. I would close the system at the product condenser and put 5psi of air in the still and let it sit overnight to see if you lose pressure.. If there are no leaks then the next time you run, check your condenser to see if it is knocking down all of the vapor.
  8. Small Scale Grain Liquid Separation

    It's a great solution if you know a farmer. The spent mash still has most of the protein in it. A cattle or hog farmer will typically pay for it. You can pump into plastic totes. They bring thier truck and trailer and you load the full totes and unload the empty totes that they bring back. I know of several distilleries that do this. A couple even give it away to row crop farmers that dump it into there manure spreaders and spread it for fertilizer. Now if you already raise cattle or hogs and you are starting a distillery then you are in the catbird seat. I know of 2 farm distillers who own their own livestock and the spent mash cuts way down on their feed bills.
  9. Subbing out production

    The lowering of the excise tax for one which I imagine lowers the bond for nano distilleries, also the aging period exemption should help. One things for certain, my orders for smaller equipment have increased dramatically since the tax bill passed. Actually my orders for big stills have increased as well but not as much as the 20 gallon to 150 gallon equipment.
  10. Still agitator

    Good choice Dehner. We should be a Brawn Vendor by the end of next week. Their line will be added to our other options.
  11. Small Scale Grain Liquid Separation

    Roller mills typically do not work well with corn. A hammer mill is best for corn. That's what hog and cattle farmers use. Roller mills are best for barley.
  12. Still agitator

    Our agitators are inexpensive but they are proven with over 200 of them out there in operation with some being in operation for over 6 years. If there is a component failure we ship the part out right away so that it will reach the customer in a day or two, however our customers rarely have issues with them. Also we offer customized shaft lengths and impellers that we build here. If you need an agitator for an existing vessel, all that we need is a drawing of the vessel and to know whether you are distilling on the grain or not. We can build agitators with shafts and paddles to fit any vessel, with variable speed and reversing capabilities. Our 1/2hp are $1,450.00 with shaft and paddles. Our 1 hp is $1,600.00 and we have agitators as large as 20hp.
  13. Possible Mash Infection, Need Help

    Denver Distiller, Wow, talk about missing the obvious. When this customer told me that they were having problems the first thing that I asked is if they were liquefying their mash and they said yes and so then I sent them over to the distillery in VA that does our distilling workshops. They did not take the workshop but they did spend a couple of hours asking questions and learning the process at that distillery, so I figured they were using the correct mashing procedure after that but there must have been a misunderstanding. Anyway, I was really busy when the customer sent over a description of the process and so I did not read before I posted it here, because I assumed that they were mashing correctly, after visiting the other distillery. I just read it and I see what you mean. My process for corn and the process that I suggest to my customers is to add the enzymes to liquify the mash between 120 and 130 F and then heat up to 185 and cook, then crash cool to 150 to add the starch to sugar conversion enzymes and or Barley, then allow starch to sugar conversion to take place than crash cool to 83 f and add the yeast then ferment in an open top fermenter, keeping the temp at between 75 and 85. I think now with what Silk City told us about the RO water (which i did not know because I had never used RO water) and what you just pointed out, the problems should be solved. Thanks a bunch for pointing out the obvious.
  14. Possible Mash Infection, Need Help

    I have a customer who is having a problem. I think that he has some kind of infection in his mash. They are doing a grain in corn mash for Whiskey. The problem is that their distillate has a very skunky smell and taste. They have tried distilling very slowly and leaving the tails in the pot. Also their mash has a dark color after distillation. They say the mash does not have anything unusual about it when it leaves the fermenter but one thing that is very strange is the fact that if they try to ferment with the top open on the fermenter, the fermentation stops, no matter what point the fermantation is at. They can only get their mash to ferment when they have a lid on the fermenter. They say that they clean everything very well. I think that they have some kind of infection. Anyone have any ideas concerning what they can do to solve this issue?
  15. Plastic vs Stainless tanks

    Okay Blue star we will go with the 16% ABV above 60 gallons. Thank you and Brian for the great info.
  16. Still agitator

    Jay, I have some tri clamp mount agitators and bolt flange mount agitators, however we can fab a connection to make something fit your still. We have both US made agitators and Chinese made agitators. Let me know the size of your still and the grain bills that you use. Also I need to know how the shaft connects and the size of the shaft? Depending on that, we may need to supply the shaft and use your paddles or we may need to make you some custom paddles. Once we get all of the info and figure things out we can give you a quote. Paul@distillery-equipment.com 417-778-6100 Paul
  17. Possible Mash Infection, Need Help

    It is actually one of my customers that is having the issues. He will be on here in the next day or so. I'm sure that he will really appreciate your input. Thank you very much for the help. I just gave you a thank you point
  18. Possible Mash Infection, Need Help

    I never said that he ran a successful batch, but he and I believe that silk city is correct and that the RO water is the problem. If you have any positive input I am sure that he will be interested in hearing it. My customer will be signing up to ADI and will be posting some more questions on this thread. If you have anymore questions or concerns about his process you can ask him directly. He really appreciates the help that everyone has given him
  19. Possible Mash Infection, Need Help

    Indyspirits, To address your concerns: So on the plastic stainless totes thread. I posted that I have new metalcraft 350 gallon stainless totes for $1,920 and that I have 550 gallon stainless totes for $2,400. Since I posted that yesterday i have sold 4 of the 550s and i have another customer who is getting ready to pull the trigger on 6 350s. The 350s of the same brand normally sell for as much as $3000. the guy who bought the 4 was really happy and thanked me profusely for posting on ADI. I help people like that on here almost everyday, and people thank me for it almost every day. I am here for my customers. If you don't like my posts you can simply ignore them. Unless the powers that be tell me to stop helping people on here with their equipment needs, I will keep offering my equipment. But thank you for the input
  20. Possible Mash Infection, Need Help

    Thank you, I don't know if they are grinding their grain in the distilling area or not, but I did take your advice and I emailed them, letting them know that they should not do that.
  21. Possible Mash Infection, Need Help

    Yes, I most certainly said: "It does not appear that there is a cleaning problem or mold problem". That is a very different statement than "there is no contamination going on".
  22. Possible Mash Infection, Need Help

    My friend the main problem was the RO water that my customer was using. Silk city figured that out for us. This guy keeps a very clean distillery. My customers problem has been solved. I have no interest in arguing with you.
  23. Possible Mash Infection, Need Help

    I never said that. What I said, if you distill it down, was that the open top fermentation of corn is a common and acceptable practice and that it has been done that way for a very long time.
  24. Possible Mash Infection, Need Help

    Thank you. I will let them know.
  25. Plastic vs Stainless tanks

    Thanks for posting that info Bluestar. I didn't know that. it will help me offer my customers the correct eqiupment for their needs I'm going to put it into my important info for customers folder.