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  1. you can reach me at thanks.
  2. This is a steam heated, 130 gal mash tun that we recently took out of service. We used it 3.5 years. Heavy gauge stainless, insulated jacket. it has a 3 HP 3 phase motor that we used at 208V. Multiple tri-clamp ports on top. large man way as seen in pics. Steam fittings are 1.5" in and out. Would be a great first mash tun. Happy to answer questions. It is located in Boise Idaho. $5000.00
  3. JR. We have a lobe pump on a cart that we might be willing to part with. It has 1.5" triclamp fittings. A 1HP Baldor 120V, explosion proof motor (with low hours). The pump is a Waukesha 018 in fair condition. The current reducer coupled to the pump has it at 12 gal/min rate but the 018 is rated for up to 33gpm. Send me an email at if you want pics and would like to discuss price. We are in Boise ID so it might be close enough for you to drive and avoid shipping costs.
  4. All, We are considering the purchase of a density meter and have demo'ed the Rudolph 2911+. I have quotes in hand for the 2911+ and the Mettler-Toledo DM45. Anyone have fist hand experience with either that they would consider sharing? thanks.
  5. It may be Copper Sulphide. our first still would have the same silver buildup in the lowest plate. it was a Chinese still and the copper seemed to have a touch of bronze or brass in it. our current still never presents a copper salt in silver (always black) and it is german copper. don't know if any of this is applicable or if it helps. but it does look familiar.
  6. for what its worth, we use a colorado mill equipment hammer mill and love it. our only issue has been the single tab to hold the screens in place isn't sufficient. it took 5 minutes to weld a second tab on. We run a 7.5HP motor and mill at ~25lbs/min
  7. very nice. we have been debating using a Kason as well and saw the one you bought but I couldn't get my partners on board. nice to know someone has more courage than we do and benefitted....nice job.
  8. We use an AOD as well. Stainless body and ethanol capable diaphragm material. I would also suggest that route.
  9. It is required if you want to utilize the capability of your trays/plates. Without the dephlegmator, you can still get some reflux in your column (via radiated heat) and build liquid in your trays but they won't perform any real proof uplift or reflux without the dephlegmator returning cool condensate back to the pates. Your two plate column will act largely like a pot still with a long neck.
  10. Our new still is up and running and we're dropping the price of this still to $15,500 to move it.
  11. It looks the same and it may be the same? I posted where we sourced ours. I have seen their website and I've seen two different prices for the same set up....Not sure which is correct. We have enjoyed our still but it's time to move up.
  12. Wenzhou Abany / Sungood
  13. This is not an ASD design. I contracted the still directly from China. We imported it ourselves.
  14. All, Our new still arrives Thursday Feb 5th. The still above will be available by Feb 9th. The column is 8" in diameter, the motor is a 4HP 3 phase 208V-230V for grain on distilling/stripping. Steam inlets are 1.5" for low velocity heating. Its a great whiskey still for a start-up distillery.