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Geothermal cooling

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When the flow is adjusted properly my stills will put out 150°F water from the condensers during whiskey runs.  Most of my customers run their hot condenser water into plastic totes or stainless tanks and they use all of that water for their next mashing in and for CIP and other cleaning.  No chiller needed in places where tap water is less than 62°F.  No underground tanks needed, huge savings on heating water and really fast heat up to operating temp times for mash cookers. All of the condenser water is completely recycled.

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3D has it right there.  I've seen it where initial use was for geo piped grid, but when the distiller added on capacity, he needed to add the chiller anyway rather than the cost of much more pipe that could only get him near 55F- he ran out of field, too.

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