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  1. Telemarketing scam

    We got that same call!
  2. Pulsing Still

    That happened to me one time. I was running my steam pressure too high and it over powered my Dephleg
  3. Black Water Barrels here!

    Kelly, When do you think you will have barrels ready to deliver?
  4. Location OR/NC

    Yeah, you can do that. There just has to be a wall between the two, and some finagling with the separate permits I believe. Great Wagon Road out of Charlotte does that, and the bar attached to them, the Broken Spoke, does really well. If you talk to Ollie about it, I am sure he could help you out with that part.
  5. Location OR/NC

    Golden, We are in Greensboro NC. There are advantages and disadvantages with being in a control state. NC has been really supportive, just know that the tasting room will not bring as much revenue in NC as it will or Oregon. We can only sell 1 bottle, per person, per year right now, and cannot serve mixed drinks. So, just keep that in mind if you are planning on focusing on a tasting room revenue.