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  1. It seems like Rusty told me that the top of the still, columns and condenser will be on the 2nd floor and the bottom of the still and stand on the 1st floor.
  2. Below is a picture of one of our 2,500 gallon (10,000 Liter) Ultra Pro Whiskey Stills that we are building. We are also building the mash tun, fermenters and receiving tanks that go along with the still. This is the 3rd complete system that this customer has purchased from us in the last 7 years. They are getting ready to pull the trigger on another 2,500 gallon system so that they can keep up with their orders. This still will do a 2,500 gallon stripping run in 3 hrs. You can do whiskey in one run in 4 to 5 hrs. That is incredibly fast for a 10,000 Liter still. We build these in a 5,000 gallon (20,000 Liter) size as well. These stills cost less than continuas stills with the same output and they produce much better spirits because continuous column stills never get all of the heads out.
  3. Below is a picture of some equipment that we completed last week. 300 gallon Ultra Pro Vodka Still with our jacketed open top corn fermenters. We sell several fifferent types of fermenters including conicals.
  4. Hello Guy, I have equipment in a distillery in the Golan Heights. We have great quality equipment at great prices and we are in over 300 distilleries in the US and many others around the world. Below is a picture of one of Signature Series Ultra Pro Vodka Stills. email me and we will send you a quote and some references, including our customer in Israel.
  5. Okay great! Thanks Matt.
  6. Sad but true. These assholes probably have money in offshore accounts or buried somewhere. I just don't understand how someone could do something like this to people. One of the brothers is an engineer, however I could have came up with a better plate design when I was 12 years old. His engineering abilities concerning stills is at around a 4th grade level in my opinion. I can't resist telling this interesting story. Back in the 1970s the old Kingpin who lived in the Holler where I grew up, would bury cash. He had $64,000.00 in cash from moonshining and pot growing buried up in the woods in a 1/2 gallon Mason jar and his wife was the only one that knew where it was. The money disappeared and she swore that she didn't take it but it led to their divorce a couple of years later.
  7. I have not built one before but I have looked at multiple drawings and I do understand the plumbing and how they work. If you had me build one, the first thing that I would do is build a small prototype and run it to make sure that it works and make changes over several days and or even weeks to improve functionality over the original designs. I do that with all new designs. I have a very good equipment testing lab for that purpose and i have an employee in there running equipment 40 hrs per week every week.
  8. Doc's, I give my customers free consulting on their equipment needs, equipment placement, equipment safety, hazardous environments, spirit production, spirit storage, bottling equipment etc etc. I also give out all of the trade secrets that I know such as how to created $37,500.00 worth of premium vodka in one of my 300 gallon pot stills in 4 hrs. How to produce higher proofs with fewer plates etc. The things that I don't know anything about are zoning and TTB applications and paperwork. I am the only vender that I know of that does this kind of extensive consulting at no charge. Most vendors just want to sell you equipment and they will try to upsell whenever they can. I am here to help make you successful and I never upsell. If I help make you successful you will come back and purchase more equipment from me when you expand. All of the above gives me advantages over my competitors and gives my customers advantages over their competitor that are not my customers. Also if you purchase my equipment you get a free 3 day one on one distilling workshop at a distillery that has been running my equipment for 7 years. We are about long term relationships and the success of our customers. If you still need equipment and you want some free consulting etc,. email paul@distillery-equipment.com
  9. I have mash pumps for grain in mashes that cost less than the devices that can be used to separate the liquids from the solids and you won't be throwing out ethanol with the solids. paul@distillery-equipment.com
  10. I can build you one for less than 1/3rd the cost of a Vendome. It's an Archaic design but it works.
  11. Lenny along with what Silk said, you should also consider water hammer. You need a steam sparger or wand design that will create the least amount of, or no water hammer. My spargers did create some water hammer, but not enough to damage the equipment even after many years of use, however you might not like the banging. Actually it is more like Clang!, Clang,!, Clang! , but as you get closer to operating temp the clanging gets quieter and faster and then stops once operating temp is reached. Also you need a sparger/wand that will not level up and fill with mash when the vessel is full. The vacuum breaker will solve this in part, however from the nozzles to the vacuum breaker, it can be a problem and it becomes a big problem if you are distilling on the grain and your sparge arm levels up with thick mash and all of the nozzles clog when the steam pressure hits. I stopped building direct steam injected stills because steam jacketed stills and baine marie stills are better options for distilling. Steam injection is great for cooking mash but because the still must be larger (more expensive) and this method does not work well for spirits that are distilled at higher proofs, you are better off going with Baine Marie because it costs less, or a steam jacket because more types of spirits can be created. That is my opinion anyway. Steam injected stills work but they can involve a lot of hassle. Moonshiners used them because it gave them a viable way to cook and then distill corn mash on the grain. They would typically build their steam injection boilers out of old 55 gallon drums with some 2" pipe inside for fire tubes. These were ferrous metal drums. These could be wood or gas fired out in the woods. Basically, I can build a baine marie still for a great deal less than what I can build a steam injected still and boiler for and if you have or are going to buy a low pressure steam boiler you might as well go with steam jackets.
  12. I built my own steam injection wands but in your situation it would be best to fallow Silk's advice. https://www.google.com/search?ei=zESqXIqPGcHksAXurpqIAg&q=spirax+sarco+steam+injection+wands&oq=spirax+sarco+steam+injection+wands&gs_l=psy-ab.12...79769.99016..103798...1.0..0.263.1977.0j10j2......0....1..gws-wiz.......0i71j35i39j35i304i39.uIgnq5TcSBQ
  13. We do not currently have them listed on the web site. We had just 3 left in stock and we sold them in that last couple of days, however we will have them back in stock within the next 5 weeks and we will be listing them on the web site then. I will post here letting everyone know when they are available again. Thank you.
  14. Direct steam injected pot stills work very well. They were used in distilleries in the latter part of the 19th century and by moonshiners up until the mid to late 1980s. Direct steam injection makes great Whiskey. Some of my earlier whiskey stills were direct steam injected by sanitary steam injection boilers of my own design that we built in house. These stills are still in operation. One is at the Bell of Dayton Distillery in Dayton OH. The injection boiler that I built for them has 72 square ft of internal heat exchange surface area. My injection boilers were open systems utilizing water column to build pressure so no ASME rating or UL listing was needed. The thing about direct steam injected pot stills is this. It needs to have 14% to 18% extra space in the pot. The steam injection will add that much water to the still pot during heat up to operating temp but once operating temp is reached the liquied level will begin to drop and by the end of the run the liquid level will have dropped 15% or more.
  15. Below is a pic of one of our centrifugal pumps. It is self priming and good for high temps. They work great for CIP pumps and beer pumps. We have them available in different sizes and capacities and we have them with UL listed explosion proof US made Baldor motors.
  16. My grandfather used some kind of muck (bacteria?) to give his sweet mash white corn whiskey a buttery corn on the cob flavor and the same or a different muck to give his rum a butterscotch flavor. The stuff was nasty looking and he would add a little back set to it. Does anyone know what these mucks may have been? I found some info about it a couple of years ago on line for rum but now I can't find it. Thanks
  17. Mike, That sounds horrible. There is lots of great land in AR for a couple of grand per acre. You can buy a house and property here in the MO Ozarks or in the AR Ozarks for $120,000.00 that you would have to pay $500,000.00 for in Atlanta. Also the cost of living here is really low. $120,000 per year here is like $250,000 in NY. If you ever want to check out some land here in Southern MO just give me a holler and I will hook you up with some realtor friends of mine.
  18. There is no way to know what size reflux column that you need without knowing what your target proof is.
  19. We have what you need email paul@distillery-equipment.com
  20. Here is our latest Signature Series Still. I will post some more pics tomorrow.
  21. Why not run it as a distilling workshop. They pay you for the workshop and you give them the option of buying and taking home a barrel of the spirits that they helped create. Also this may get you around those labor rules.
  22. captnKB is not bullshitting you. Corson's stills are dangerous, because of the design flaws, shitty fab work and cheap parts. Also there weld fit and polish looks like crap, upon close inspection. Because of the column design flaws and the wrong pressure relief valves being used, one of these stills built up pressure, popped the pressure relief valve which promptlyly clogged causing a run away pressure situation, which blew the manway off the still, spewing hundreds of gallons of scalding hot mash all over the distilling area, killing 2 cats in a horribly painful fashion. If the distillery owner had not dived under a table, he could have been horribly injured or killed as well. The owner of the distillery was actually lucky that Corson used the cheapest crappiest Chines manways. If the manway had not been so weak, a massive explosion could have occured. The Corson plate design is ridiculous. It looks like it was designed by a 5 year old. My 6" plate design has more throughput than their 16" plate design. Their offset columns sit too low to gravity feed condensate back into the pot. Their condensate return lines are designed wrong causing the columns to flood. And this is the stupidest part, they only have one tiny little downcomer with a 5/8" throughput for their 16" plates, which also causes flooding. Also there stills, with multiple plated columns, do not operate with complete functionality of all of the plates because of another design flaw. If you sell this to someone, you do so knowing that it may be dangerous and will will not function correctly. Please read the reviews and click on the newspaper article links at the link below so you better understand the huge mistake that your friend made when they purchased from the idiotic, lieing, cheating Corson brothers, one of whom is supposed to be an engineer and the other an attorney. Stupidest engineer I have ever seen. Below is a link to reviews of my equipment which is in over 300 distilleries in the US alone.
  23. I agree, in your situation that is true.
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