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    Corson Customers Question

    Adam, 2 people have contacted me for quotes that ordered their equipment from Corson in the last year. If you will email me your contact info privately I will pass your email address along to them. Neither of them have received their equipment and neither of them expect to receive equipment. In fact the Corson Brothers told one of them that they are going out of business and will not be able to fill their order, but have not offered them their money back. Corson's web site is up and it appears they are still selling equipment. My email is paul@distillery-equipment.com
  2. Southernhighlander

    Baine Marie - Glycol?

    Yes, that makes sense. For water have your temp probe in the water in the jacket down below the 5% fill level if possible. Simple proportional heating control is best for water. If you boil the water and let the jacket fill with steam you can get faster heat up times. if you do run set point temp control to boil the water, set it at around 220F.
  3. Southernhighlander

    Baine Marie - Glycol?

    Silk, With Biodiesel we get a heat up time of 1.5hrs if we run 22kW for every hundred gallons and you are correct unless you are doing a stripping run the heat needs to be backed off from 300F to around 240F around 15 to 20 minutes before operating temp is reach. The oil temp will drop fast because the cooler mash will pull the temp down. The heat up time on my baine marie stills with water is around 2.25 to 2.5 hrs. Also here is something very important for safety reasons. If you are running biodiesel or cooking oil your control point must be the oil. The temp probe for the PID must be in the oil. If you use the mash temp as the control point you can get a run away heating situation in the jacket. The oil temp will reach its smoke point temp (little less than 500F) when it goes above that it will burst into flames. As far as circulating oil through the jacket we did that with our first couple of baine maries 7 years ago and found it to be cost prohibitive and absolutely unnecessary. Concerning my open system pressurization module (OSPM). When the OSPM is connected to the stills jacket and the jacket has 15% to 20% of its volume filled with water. The heat up to operating temp time is in between that of oil and water, because unlike a low pressure steam boiler you are starting with cold water in the jacket and so it takes a while to get up to steam, especially since the mash temp will hold the water temp down, keeping it from becoming steam longer than if something hot was in the inner pot. Once the jacket fills with steam, she will heat fast and because the heat transfer coefficient of steam is so much greater than oil, or especially glycol, you get more efficiency and you get faster stripping run times with 245F steam than with 280F oil. Since we are creating steam in an open system and using water instead of oil, I believe the OSPM is the best option for a baine marie. The OSPM has an added level of safety because if your steam pressure goes above it's intended pressure, the OSPM bleeds that pressure off to atmosphere. We also have a pressure relief valve on the jacket for safety redundancy. As far as I know, my baine marie stills with the OSPM are the only stills out there with self contained steam heating systems. Since the jacket is not a closed pressurized system, we are good to go.
  4. Southernhighlander

    Baine Marie - Glycol?

    Yes, In conjunction with the OSPM the jacket is filled to 15% or 20% of its volume with water. With the OSPM, the heat up to operating temp time is less than water but longer than oil however run times are as fast as or faster than oil. The OSPM is really great for mash tuns because you can use the jacket for both heating and cooling. You can't do that with oil.
  5. Southernhighlander

    My experience with Corson Distilling

    Idaho reporter. I have had 2 of Corson's customers contact me in the last 2 weeks or so. I will give them your contact info. Thanks for the great expose (noun) that you have done on Corson. I think you have saved a lot of people from getting ripped off.
  6. Southernhighlander

    My experience with Corson Distilling

    HedgeBird, Here is what I have discovered. If I build a front area of a site using HTML code myself, then I go to the number 1 non paid inclusion on google within a few weeks. However if I have someone else build me a site like http://moonshine-still.co then it never ranks even on the 2nd or 3rd page after 5 years. I have found this to be true time after time. I don't know why it is the case and search engine experts tell me it does not work that way but it has for me time after time. In my opinion, it does not matter how pretty your web site is, if no one sees it, then you get zero business. Being in the number one position on the first page is far more important than a pretty site with all of the bells and whistles. I do over $1,000,000.00 per year in direct catalog shopping cart sales through the distillery-equipment site and I do around $4,000,000.00 in other sales, most of which comes from that web site. My moonshine.stills site only does around $120,000.00 in direct sales from the site and I pay google add words $500.00 per month to get that. You might say look at Corson's web site. They rank very well. A company that improves search engine placement called me 1.5 to 2 years ago and they said that they had a program that would greatly improve the ranking of my moonshine still site but it would cost around $15,000.00 per year They said that Corson had been one of their customers and that they had improved Corsons ranking from 3rd page to the number one position on the first page within 4 months. They said that Corson had dropped there service and that my company was selected because it was in the same category as Corson. At that time my distillery equipment site was number 2 and Corson was number one. It was too much money and my distillery equipment site had been number one for years before Corson suddenly came out of nowhere and took the number one position. I had another web site that sold Cedar closet linings that I built in 1999. That site was number 1 on the first page of most search engines for over 10 years for the search terms cedar closet lining and cedar closet linings. That site did around $500,000.00 in sales per year. In 2010 I let a new IT guy I hired build me a great looking new site to replace my old ugly dated HTML site. All of the text was the same, same url and meta tags. Within a few months cedar closet linings.com was on the 2nd page and the sales from that site dropped by over 90%. Finally I had him replace the new site with my old ugly original site and it went back to the first page within a few months As a matter of fact i sold that company for a great price and they are still using that ugly old site because it is still on the first page of google listings when you search cedar closet lining. All of the above shows me that I am doing the right thing. My daddy always said "if it ain't broke don't fix it". I know I do things differently than most, but it works and until it starts not working, I'm sticking with it. Anyway, it's not really ugly it's just plain and dated looking. I believe that the people going there are more interested in distillery equipment than a flashy website with all of the bells and whistles.
  7. Southernhighlander

    My experience with Corson Distilling

    This sounds crazy, but Monday a guy emailed asking for a quote and stated that he needs a still really quickly because the company that he ordered from had just notified him that they are going out of business and that they will not be able to fill his order. He said that he is hoping to get his money back from them but he is not sure how that is going to turn out. I replied and asked him if the company was Corson and he said yes. It's unbelievable that they are still doing this. Their web site is still up. You would think that the Idaho AG would have shut them down by now. If you google distillery equipment, my site is normally number 1 in the organic search inclusions and Corson's site is number 2, but every once in a while Corson's site is number one. I believe that they are getting business from people who just do a google search and they like the look of the Corson stills and are just buying from them without doing any due diligence.
  8. Southernhighlander

    Baine Marie - Glycol?

    Derek, You can use water or oil but you must make sure that the jacket is open to atmosphere for either one. Water will give you a slower heat up and distilling time because 212F is as hot as you can get it at sea level. Biodiesel is the best option for a vented jacket. It will not break down as bad as cooking oil and you can run as high as 300 F, if your heating system will get it that hot. If using the biodiesel, be aware that it will expand as it is heated up. I would start out filling the jacket 3/4 full. Also make sure that there is no water in the jacket when you put in the biodiesel. If there is water in the jacket there will be a violent reaction when the water turns to steam in the oil. The reaction will cause pressure waves that cause the oil to squirt out your jacket vents and cause banging noises until the steam dissipates.
  9. Southernhighlander

    Anyone have experience w/ Affordable Distillery Equipment LLC??

    Hi Porkchop, The heat up time for a 105 with the 22,000 watt heating system with the OSPM is around 2 hrs. Run times can be as short as 5 hrs for 125 proof whiskey.
  10. Southernhighlander

    Anyone have experience w/ Affordable Distillery Equipment LLC??

    Thanks Silk. I really appreciate that.
  11. Southernhighlander

    My experience with Corson Distilling

    i am the only competitor on here who has commented. I have because their behavior really gets under my skin because I always work very hard to put myself in my customers shoes and do the best that I can for them, while these guys just destroy their customers lives. I have dealt with at least 10 of Corson's customers directly, either to help them to get their equipment working properly and or selling them equipment. It's horrible how these people have been affected. The only reason that people are still purchasing from them is because they do not know about them. If this topic is removed like you suggest then even more people will be robbed of their hard earned money. If you don't like what I have said here then you are welcome to ignore it and read only the posts from people who have been directly cheated by them. As far as character assassination: You cannot assassinate someone who has already shot themselves through the head.
  12. Southernhighlander

    Holstein replacement parts

    I have nothing to do with Holstein but I am always willing to help someone with their still issues. I may be able to help you with the pump and possibly even the sight glass. Is the pump a Danfoss? Please post pics and specs concerning the pump and sight glass.
  13. Southernhighlander

    Rubbery Ring of Corn on bottom of my mash tun

    For thick grain in corn mashes it should be 10 to 30 rpms with the largest possible paddles with the agitator center set and the paddles pushing down. Agitators like this for larger mash tuns should have a bushing at the bottom of the shaft so that you have a solid connection at both ends of the shaft. For grain in mashes in the still pot, the agitator can be set at an angle with impellers and an agitation of 45 rpms or so depending on the size of the impellers. The agitator can be center set on the still as well and if it is a mash tun still with large paddles, it should spin at between 10 and 30 RPMs. For Lauter tuns, you want the agitator center set and you want the agitator spinning at between 8 and 25 RPMs or maybe a little faster depending on exactly how it is set up. For liquid washes speeds of 100 to 500 rpms or even more are fine and the agitator should never be center set or a whirlpool could be created that will damage the bearings and shaft. The agitators in the above posted videos are great for liquid washes.
  14. Southernhighlander

    My experience with Corson Distilling

    I just thought that I would let everyone know that Corson is still doing what they have been doing all along. I received an email from one of their customers 2 days ago who ordered from there recently and now Corson will not answer their phone when they call and will not reply to their emails. The lady said that she believes that she has lost her down payment and she said she will cry if she has. She thinks Corson is out of business because she sent someone out there and Corson's building was empty. Corson's website is up and it appears that they are still taking orders.
  15. Southernhighlander

    Rubbery Ring of Corn on bottom of my mash tun

    Just so there is no confusion. Everyone is correct that you want your paddles pushing mash downwards and they are correct about everything they said concerning agitators in liquid washes however these particular agitators in the videos will not work well for what you are doing with corn. In fact they would be a nightmare for you. They are great for liquid washes but not for 2 lbs per gallon corn mashes for several obvious reasons.
  16. Southernhighlander

    Charcoal Filter Questions

    I build charcoal filter housings and i know how to size them and build them but that is it. One of my customers asked the questions below if someone could help me answer them that will be great and I will keep the answers for future reference. Thank you. . I have the 12" x 48" system. I have read all sorts of ways to use this, each advise seems to contradict the next! Can you tell me how to best utilize this filter? I am specifically asking for the following: Type of activated carbon (granular? mesh size?)? Do I only fill the filter 2/3 full of the carbon to allow for the bed to expand? Is the best practice to pump from the bottom OR pump from the top? Do you recommend back flushing after each run (essentially pushing the vodka out of the bed)? Any idea how long the carbon will last if I am only filtering Vodka? How can I tell if the carbon is exhausted (simply by taste?)? Flow rate 1/4 to 1/2 gallon a minute, going to try the air diaphragm pump I purchased from you. Also planned on cutting to 110 proof before filtering
  17. Southernhighlander

    Is it worth using sugarcane in rum production ?

    Actually we call the shorter sorghum grown for grain, Milo. We call the taller variety of sorghum (12' tall or more) Sugar Cane. At least it's that way in the Appalachians of Eastern Kentucky, Eastern TN as well as parts of VA and west VA.
  18. Southernhighlander

    Anyone have experience w/ Affordable Distillery Equipment LLC??

    Below are pics of equipment that we completed last week. The equipment in the pics is from 3 different orders. One of our older customers ordered the stainless Vodka column for an Ultra Pro Whiskey still that he bought from us a few years ago. We built the jacketed fermenter here for a different customer and the two 100 gallon direct fire electric still are for 1 customer. We just finished a 600 gallon combination mash tun pot still today but we don['t have pics of it yet. i will post those pics tomorrow.
  19. Southernhighlander

    Charcoal Filter Questions

    Sorry blue star but you are mistaken. The feds say that I do not need a federal SDA permit to buy and sell denatured. I would only need that if I were producing it. Also I do not need a dsp to buy and sell pure industrial ethanol. I would only need that if I were producing it or redistilling it. Also in the state of mo I do not need a state permit to buy and sell either denatured or pure ethanol for industrial purposes. I finally got a hold of a state ATC supervisor who said as much.
  20. Southernhighlander

    Charcoal Filter Questions

    I appreciate the advice concerning sourcing GNS, but why would I need a dsp? I sell industrial ethanol. I don't need a dsp to buy or sell. I love craft beers and the best Bourbon and Scotch. My idea of relaxing is to go to the best restaurants, eat the best food and drink the best spirits. I also enjoy taking part in several civil war reenactments per year with my son and the rest of the 4th MO Infantry CSA. There's nothing more relaxing to me than drilling with the Battalion all morning then going into battle and hearing the roar of several thousand muskets and the blast of a couple of hundred cannons. I also love sailing with my family at sea or on one of the big lakes. There's nothing like running with a 60 mph wind on a beam reach in a 39' racing boat. i also really enjoy driving my 485hp Camaro SS convertible on the Tail of the Dragon in my native Great Smokey Mountains https://www.visitmysmokies.com/blog/smoky-mountains/tail-of-the-dragon-in-the-smoky-mountains/ and on the minny Tail of the Dragon here in the Ozarks. What do you do to relax?
  21. Southernhighlander

    Distilling Area Classification?

    We have stills in around 300 distilleries. All of those distilleries except for 1 had the area around the still classified as a Class I Div II hazardous environment or some lesser classification or no classification. My electric baine marie stills are good for a Class I Div II hazardous environment. The powers that be in a particular state just decided that the area around one of my baine marie stills should be class I div I. My steam stills are good for a class 1 div 1 but not my baine marie stills. I have stills in several distilleries in that same state that are just like this one and the areas around all of those stills were classified as class I div II Has anyone else ever had their distilling area or the area around their still classified as a class I div I hazardous environment? Thanks for any help anyone can give.
  22. Southernhighlander

    Small pump for bottle washing station

    We have flojet pumps for less: https://shop.distillery-equipment.com/collections/brewing-distilling-equipment-accessories/products/5-gpm-explosion-proof-beverage-alcohol-pump-for-high-proof-spirits-flojet-g70c
  23. Southernhighlander

    *******SOLD*****(3) 550 Gallon stakable Jacketed Totes

    If they did have any residual smell, a good cleaning with caustic soda will take care of it, I have sold a huge number of used totes over the years. I purchased a bunch from oil drillers after the drop in oil prices. They had had soap, gasoline, diesel fuel, lubricants and other chemicals in them. We washed them out with soapy water then cleaned with caustic, then diluted citric, more soapy water and then a good rinse and we through away the contaminated nylon ball valves and replaced them with sanitary valves. Many of them had agitators added to them. I sold 3 that had had gasoline in them that I placed agitators on and sold to a distillery that uses them to blend cream liqueurs. They worked great and as far as I know are still being used for that purpose. There was not even the faintest hint of any smell when we were done with them and I drank water that came of one myself and could not detect anything.
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    Mash tun/stripping still combo

    2 lbs of corn per gallon of water. Had some issues with ethanol collecting in the bottom with a different wash but we adjusted that out.. The main issue was clogging. We think that we have solved that however we are currently testing new extraction equipment designs as well as chromatographic process equipment, molecular sieves and other equipment for producing CBD isolate crystals and CBD isolate in powder form. We have had our latest short path vacuum still in the lab for the last 4 weeks and we are still making improvements, so I am looking at it being in there for another 3 weeks at least then we had planned to have our falling film prototype go in after that. This design work gets higher priority then the continuas stripping still. We have already started on a process facility for a customer that will ultimately process around 8,000 lbs of plant material per day. We are installing that equipment in 4 phases. Phase one is almost complete and will be operational within the next 2 weeks or so. Our largest system for hemp before that is in operation that reclames the ethanol and concentrated the oil from 900 lbe of plant material per day. We have several other smaller ethanol extraction and reclamation/concentration equipment systems in operation, with some being in operation for over 2 years. Our new designs are very fast. My short path vacuum, ethanol reclamation and oil concentration still will complete a run in 2 hrs, distilling at 80F, running 185 proof in the pot, reclaiming at 192 proof. They will do that whether it is an 8 gallon/8lb system or a 2500 gallon/2500 lb system. The falling films will cut that time in half. The new designs that we are working on will go into the largest hemp to CBD processing facility in the US down in AR. I am doing a presentation on the 5th to a group of wealthy farmers planning on building a large hemp to CBD process facility in MO. Now that the American Row Farmer is in this business, you are going to see some size put into it. The continuas stripping still will have to take a back burner at this time. We have a great deal more demand for stripping pot stills than column stripping stills anyway. However, we will get the new design in the lab in the late spring or early summer.
  25. Southernhighlander

    Does it worth, 15K for 320 gallons pot still?

    Silk, It's easy to see that you know what you are talking about. My calcs. give results that are very close to yours. My calcs show a heat up time of between 5 and 6 hrs and a run time of 11 hrs with no reflux but only if the column and condenser are changed. With enough reflux in a 12" column to average 130 proof and with a much larger condenser, he would able to do the run in 13 hrs after operating temp is reached so he is looking at 13 hrs of run tim and a 5 to 6 hour heat up time, so that is 19 hrs total and that is with a new condenser and line arm and with a heating jacket. Winnie, Silk is right this is not a good buy, plus that thing is ugly and I don't think that you could ever make it pretty without spending a lot of money Also whoever built it had no clue about correctly sizing the column and condenser, so it may have other design issues. Whether you purchase from me or one of my competitors you are much better of going to a reputable distilling equipment company. paul@distillery-equipment.com