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  1. We've been crazy busy since COVID started so I haven't had a chance to post on this topic for a while. If anyone needs anything just let us know. paul@distillery-equipment.com 417-778-6908
  2. Do you have a link to the specs for the agitator? Will you be doing any on the grain mashes or other mashes that are thick and viscus?
  3. If you need a new high proof pump we have them starting at around $400.00 paul@distillery-equipment.com
  4. Birster, That is one of my stills. It has 3 pumps to pump the column condensate (not shown in the pic). Without the pumps you would never reach 190 proof. I build these stills for customers who have lower height restrictions. Also we use thermostatic valves on these stills to control the coolant flow to the final condenser and dephlegmators.
  5. I think that your best option is a stand alone tube in tube heat exchanger, or one of my mash tuns with the internal cooling coil. Email or call for pricing. 417-778-6100 paul@distillery-equipment.com
  6. SteelB, How far in can a 12" diameter coil go below the top of the mash?
  7. SteelB. Is your pot open to or closed top with a manway? If it has a manway, what is the size of the opening? Thanks.
  8. We experimented a lot figuring out the best control point, using a thermostatic valve for coolant control. We tried every scenario we could think of. We found that if we plumbed the system so that the coolant from the final condenser goes to the last dephleg in line then from the last dephleg to the 2nd to last dephleg in line and so on, this worked best. We found that the best placement for the Danfoss probe is at the coolant output of the final condenser and the best place for the valve was at the coolant input of the final condenser. Also we found that you need to have just a little bypass at the valve to make things work smoothly. We tried every other possible position and this worked best. We have used this method to operate up to four dephlegmators and the final condenser on one danfoss valve. We found that we get a much steadier output than using a PID with non proportional on off solenoid valve. The first thing we tried was having the probe of the thermostatic valve at the coolant output of the dephleg and the valve at the input of the dephleg and this did not work well at all. We also tried plumbing the dephlegs separately and the final condenser separately using multiple danfoss valves and this did not work well either. We also tried putting the probe in the vapor path and that caused a very irregular output. The input temp going into the last dephlg in line is the best control point.
  9. I would run three 5,500 watt elements for a total of 16.5kW and the 6" column. Even if you have to stay with 14kW, you should still run the 6" column, as it will still be faster than the 4" with that much power.
  10. You need 16 kW to 24kW. You may be able to run it off of 14kw but I've never tried that. The size of your still pot is just as important for sizing your column correctly. What size is your pot? Also, are your elements in the mash or is your still a Baine Marie?
  11. If you don't mind switching to 5,500 watt elements, we have a panel for you. Email me: paul@distillery-equipment.com Thanks.
  12. I think that Musk's Starships will make it to Mars in the next few years. His Starship is super cheap to build and launch. His new Raptor engines run off of natural gas which is almost free, compared to the other rocket fuels being used. The skin of the Starships is stainless. These are the first stainless skinned rockets, since the 1950s. They are hugely cheaper than the heavily machined aluminum that everyone else is using. In fact you can't build an aluminum rocket that big using todays methods. The Russians charge $9,000,000.00 per seat. It will cost as little as $25,000.00 to $50,000 per seat on Starship. Starship is almost 30' in diameter and can carry over 200,000 lbs of cargo. That is over 4 tractor trailer loads. Also NASA has picked Starship for the Artimis program, meaning Starship is the next moon rocket. Also Starship can land on its tail and take off again, meaning there will not be a need for a lander on the moon, Mars or Io. Starship can be used time after time and in a few decades they will probably be hualing cargo out to colonies, not just on Mars, but on some of the moons of Jupiter and Saturn as well Musk is launching the first manned NASA launch from US soil, in almost a decade. Musk beat Boeing and all other challengers in a huge way, in the latest race to launch Americans into space from US soil, in a US rocket, made by an American company. That's right, he stomped Boeing in a race that no one said he could win because Boeing had been building and launching rockets for decades while Musk started from scratch. I've made a lot of money betting on Musk and his companies. When Musk smoked that big joint on video and Tesla stock dropped, I bought as much as I could and made a chunk. So yes, Musk's Starships are going to Mars. He already has one or two of them built and they are the first of hundreds. If he ever takes SpaceX public, I'm a buyer for sure. I'm sure that someday someone is going to start a distillery outside of earths gravity well. Maybe the equipment will be hauled on one of Musk's Starships. I'm sure that a Starship will carry some great distilled spirits to some were. Hmmm, I wonder if anyone has ever been drunk in space? If not, I'm sure that it will happen sooner or later. I would love to have a drink while taking a paid flight in a Starship. I'm ready to go as soon as the seat becomes available. Maybe they will let me bring along a little bottle of Pappy VanWinkle's.
  13. We've built some really big soxhlets from stainless. If anyone needs one just let me know paul@distillery-equipment.com Thanks.
  14. The below is from Keith at Grazin Spirits concerning the Danfoss thermostatic valve and our method for using it to automate coolant control for all of the dephlegmators and final condenser for vodka stills " Wanted to let you both know that the danfoss valve is installed and making it so so easy to run the vodka still. Excellent product and has changed my entire work flow for the better. Amazing!"
  15. Galapadoc, I will set you up with getting a quote for the Sunshiner system. Thanks.
  16. Hi Galapadoc, You sure live in a beautiful place. My wife's sister and her husband went there and really loved it. Your question is a good one. My customer and his freight forwarder seemed really stressed concerning Ecuadorian customs. I made sure that all of the documentation was perfect because the customer's Ecuadorian freight forwarder said that customs would use any excuse to hold the equipment. The still ended up clearing customs quickly with no issues, however, I don't know if palms had to be greased or not, because the Ecuadorian freight forwarder and my customer dealt with customs on their end. I sent one of my employees down their to help them install the still and do the first run or two. The still was installed at a facility in Quito. My employee said that the customer took him to parties where he met TV personalities and government officials, so maybe the customer knew the right people. That's been a few years ago, but I should still have all of the emails, so if you want, I could dig up the contact info for the freight forwarder. If I sold you a still. My freight forwarder and I would handle all of the required documentation on our end. We would handle everything all of the way to Guayaquil and your freight forwarder would handle things from there. It would take around 3 weeks for the equipment to get from my location to Guayaquil. It would take time to build the equipment if we don't have it in stock. Build time would depend on what you order. If you would like a quote email me paul@distillery-equipment.com Thanks.
  17. Okay I understand. Our 8 gallon and larger vacuum stills have tube and shell condensers and are easy to disassemble and clean. Your advice is good advice. The other thing about lab glass is if you drop it or bump it, it is gone.
  18. We have spare parts for all of our lab equipment in stock. We have a wide selection of roto vaps up to 100 Liters. We have a huge selection of vacuum stills from 8 gallons to 2,500 gallons. We have lab chillers of all sizes at really great prices. We sell all models of Welch and Edwards vacuum pumps as well as some good Chinese and South Korean vacuum pumps that give you a lot of bang for your buck. We also have short path stills up to 20 liters. We also sell wiped film evaporators. We use a Rotovap for hemp to CBD processing. We use it to remove residual ethanol from our CBD oil befor further processing in our short path. In that application there is no need to clean the condenser every day. If you are just running ethanol through a glass condenser why would you need to clean it everyday?
  19. We have rotovaps in stock. paul@distillery-equipment.com
  20. I have steam fired stills and electric stills. I even have some wood fired stills for distilling outside, and we have vacuum stills that are heated with hot water but we no longer build direct fire gas stills. You should try Hoga.
  21. We have lots of equipment in stock. Give me a call at 417-778-6908 or email me paul@distillery-equipment.com
  22. Brian, Are you sure that your fire marshal will okay a direct fire still? The area around a still is a class 1 division 2 hazardous environment. You should check with your fire marshal before you buy a directly fired still with a gas burner under it?
  23. We have them in stock in several sizes up to 50L. Just email paul@distillery-equipment.com We also have lab chillers and vacuum pumps in all sizes to fit the rotovaps. We have short path stills in stock as well.
  24. A guy called me yesterday from Canada. He owns a distillery up there. He went from making whiskey to only making hand sanitizer a few weeks ago. A few days ago a customer called him wanting hand sanitizer. He told them that he was sold out and that he had contracts for everything he could produce for several weeks. They said they needed it really badly. He told them that he had no more mashing and fermenting capacity but that he did have distilling capacity however he told them that his only source for wash was from his local wineries and that if he produced hand sanitizer from that, the price would be $50,000.00 Canadian per 1000 liter tote. The customer placed an order for several totes. So this guy is buying wine from all of the wineries in his area for $4.00 per liter and making hand sanitizer from it to fill his big order. He wanted to order an 800 gallon and a 500 gallon still, but I have sold all of the bigger stills that I have in stock so he said he wants quotes on all of the 200 gallon and 300 gallon stills that I have left in stock. One of my customers here in MO is buying beer from craft breweries from several counties to make hand sanitizer in his 500 gallon still and they say he is running multiple shifts just to meet demand. I don't know what he is selling his hand sanitizer for but I think that it would have to be more than $50.00 per gallon since the craft beer is probably not cheap. I'm not sure if one could say these guys are price gouging or not since they have to use such expensive inputs to keep up with demand, however I have not done the math. Oconsider though is that the guy buying the wine owns another business that has completely collapsed because of COVID and so he is just selling hand sanitizer to keep his distillery and the other business afloat, so I'm not sure if one could call him immoral or not. It's not like he is simply trying to get rich. He is trying to keep his businesses afloat until this is over. Also we must consider that these guys are keeping wineries and brew pubs in business that might otherwise fail. I have 100 gallons of GNS that purchased for processing hemp into CBD several weeks ago and my markets have disappeared for that business since Covid started so I'm going to make hand sanitizer from 80 gallons of it. I will be donating a lot of it to my local first responders and the old folks home in town. I will also be donating hand sanitizer to the clinic in town, if they will take it. A few weeks ago I had several hundred medical masks that I tried to donate to the clinic, but they said that they could not take them unless I called the the hospital and talked to the administration office there. I said why don't you call them and see what they say and I will wait and she said that I would have to call. I said do you need masks and she said yes. I said that I have other things to do so if she did not take them that I would donate them to others. She said "well that's what you will need to do because I will not break the rules because, it could cost my job." I donated the masks to the first responders in town and they sure didn't have any issue taking them.
  25. If you need equipment give us a holler: 417-778-6100 or email paul@ distillery-equipment.com
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