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  1. Hello, We are scaling our operation to a larger Hagyo Distilling still and have our current automated available still for sale. The still is 119 Gallons (450 Liters) and consists of a pot, reflux column, and condenser. The still has been in operation for two years and has been used to rectify GNS and distill grain, fruit, and vegetable mashes. Highly efficient column design and automation give you precise controls of the distillation process. Please send me a message if interested. Asking price is $69,500. Marat
  2. Hi folks, We have 5 grain storage bins available that are excellent for storing grains and can be stacked onto steel legs and fit with a hopper. Asking price is $500. Size and specifications can be found here - http://www.buckhorninc.com/products/specialty-boxes/cf57456500.aspx Footprint: 57" x 45" x 65" Please let me know if interested.
  3. Hi all, thank you for the interest but the mash tun has been sold.
  4. Hi all, The mash tun is still available. Please let me know if you are interested. Regards, Marat
  5. Hi folks, We have an unused, never connected mash tun for sale as we size up to a larger, automated unit. I've attached pictures, and details about the mash tun can be found here - https://distillery-equipment.com/200_gallon_pro_series_mash_tun.htm Asking for $9,900. Please send me a PM if you are interested. We are based out of Pennsylvania. Thank you.
  6. Hagyo is a Hungarian equipment manufacturer that recently entered the US Market at the ADI Conference two months ago. The Boardroom Spirits distillery (www.boardroomspirits.com) that is launching in a few months will act as a showroom distillery for Hagyo stills, fermentation tanks, and automation. More than happy to provide you with more information. Please send me a personal message or email info@hagyodistilling.com.
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