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Grounded Fermenters?


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6 hours ago, bluefish_dist said:

Did not have to ground out fermenters as they only hold "beer" which the fd essentially considers water.

Please stop, you're applying logic! Our local insurance carrier requested that we ground our fermenters. I tried to explain they contained less than 10% etoh. Fortunately we ran a grounding loop around the perimeter of our facility and it took only $20 in claps & copper to ground them. Thank goodness.  Disaster averted.  ?



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I could see it only if it only because you could maybe have a mixer on there, so no one gets shocked, or maybe something goes crazy somewhere else and the cooling waterer just water gets electrified it would again stop someone from getting shocked. Depends on how your cooling water or water is set up you could create "transient current" unknowingly.

Grounding and bonding is just to easy to do.

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If I'm understanding this correctly, bonding=stronger version of grounding?  At some point it becomes overkill, but basically anything electronic or metal that can touch liquid gets a ground or bond?  Are there XP requirements for these connections?  I'm guessing no, but I'm neither an electrician or an engineer. 

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A good explanation from Wiki and how it might apply to a fermenter

Electrical bonding is the practice of intentionally electrically connecting all exposed metallic items not designed to carry electricity in a room or building as protection from electric shock. If a failure of electrical insulation occurs, all bonded metal objects in the room will have substantially the same electrical potential, so that an occupant of the room cannot touch two objects with significantly different potentials. Even if the connection to a distant earth ground is lost, the occupant will be protected from dangerous potential differences.


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