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Moonshine University Feedback Needed


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I am considering attending Moonshine University’s “6-Day Distiller Course” and would like to ask if any ADI Forum Members have any feedback about Moonshine University and/or their “6-Day Distiller Course”.  Is it worth the $6250?  Is it more of a sales pitch to use their instructors as consultants or do they really stick to the technical side of the training and remain unbiased around the sales pitch?  It seems like it could be an awesome course and jam packed with many great topics.  Just trying to get some feedback before spending the money.

Thanks in advance for your comments.

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You don't know what you don't know.  Yes, it's worth the time and money.  You get exposed to a lot of information in a short period of time, information that you will use if you decide to move forward with building a craft distillery. There were a few pitches by vendors but even those were helpful in the long run selecting products and services later down the line.

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I have not taken Moonshine U but one of my asshole buddies up here has and he sings praises about it non stop.... One thing I can say is one of my consultants (I've said this a dozen times but I'll say it again, even consultants have consultants ; ) ) is a teacher at Moonshine U. He is beyond qualified to teach and I'm only mentioning this because you mentioned this (I'm not trying to sound uppity or conceited or anything) he cannot be hired. He will not solicit you for business, because he can't take new clients. Most of the instructors will not be able to solicit you because of their other jobs NDAs etc. I am only bringing this up not to be an ass hole but to say you are good for asking because there are other masterclasses, like ones associated with some industry group websites, where that is very very very much notttttttt the case.

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