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Hello From Green Bay Wisconsin

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I've been lurking on this forum for quite some time and feel like it's time to dive in.  For the past 2 years I have been working through the process of opening a distillery and tasting room here in Green Bay, WI.   It all started several years ago with a stop at Siesta Key Rum.  A couple of bottles of rum, some thinking time on the beach, and here I am.

It's starting to get very real.  I have a location and am getting close to starting the permitting process.  The one holdup has been financing.  Did not think it was going to be this difficult.  I'm trying to find a bank to finance the equipment and furnishings.  I get the same response from all of the banks I've presented to.  "Great business plan, looks like you'll be successful, but we know nothing about distilleries and aren't comfortable enough to put any type of financing together".  But I did find an interested financing source this week so hopefully that works out.  I'll be financing most of the project myself.

Thanks to everyone for all of the information shared here.  It has been a huge help to date.  I hope that I can pay it back over time with my own contributions.


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