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Case Size: 6 or 12?


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Hello ADI community, we are getting ready to package our bottles and can't get a good read on what distributors/retailers prefer. Do most of you do 6 x 750ml cases or 12? Any recommendations appreciated!

Thank you,

-Paul Chakalian (a new craft distillery owner).

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Think about what your selling and to whom.  

Is it height priced or low priced?

    If its on the low end bars can work it into the well and easily blow thought a 12 pack if its expensive its just living on the shelf and that makes it harder to go through so maybe a 6 pack? 


What are you actually making?  

 Something pretty main stream or some obscure amaro type liquor?   The weirder it is the harder its going to be to push a 12 pack on someone.. 


Who is your main target customer? 

 If your looking to sell strait to bars a 12 might be hard to push through but if its retail a 12 pack isn't so bad..  If its just going from your distillery maybe 6 packs are easier to sell to single customers? 



Do you have a rep?  What do they say? 





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WT brings up really  good points. This might seem like something easy but maybe put some thought into it. I think the biggest thing is tasting room retail vs whole to restaurants/distributors/retailers. If you're only selling tasting room only for a while then it's not something you probably need to figure out now. We setup our system to sell both.


16 hours ago, whiskeytango said:

some obscure amaro type liquor?



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