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Just finising a couple stills

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Just finishing up a couple stills, need to be polished and electrolytically passivizated before shipping.

top one is a 300 gallon system going to Canada, and the bottom is a 600 gallon system off to Hawaii.

two weeks after they ship, another 2 systems will ship out and hopefully 2 more 2 weeks after that. we've really hit our stride.




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ya, the all copper boiler is a pricey upgrade, this is a prototype, so we're hoping to get costs down for a production unit, but we;re currently looking at $70k for the unit as shown, thats a big increase from the $44k that the same unit with a stainless boiler sells for.

I very much dislike stainless welded to copper, like I have seen on other manufacturers products, so I'm currently working on a design that will keep copper in the boiler, but replace some of the other pieces with stainless.

also we manufacture out of 5mm copper, so its damn heavy and damn expensive, but should last nearly forever.

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