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Online tickets for your tour- What service do you use? Recommend?

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We have been using eventbrite. It's not perfect, but it does most of what we need. It's free if you do not charge for tickets (our tours are free but require reservations). There is a cool little calendar widget that you can put on your site as well.

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Thought to ping this. We are thinking of switching from SimplyBook.Me because of increasing cost, with reduced feature set for basic service. They still have a very limited free service that might be worth exploring for some. So, what are people currently using, especially with low cost?

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We use peek. Works quite well for all of our booking needs. Great value. We charge for tours, cocktail classes, special music events, distiller for a day and several more. Been using it for 3 years and don’t see ourselves changing. I give 5 stars. Peek.com 

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